The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume VIII, Ending The First Three Years

2SS0 DIARY OF THE GREAT WAR 1917 Russian Victory near Stanislau.— General Kormloff breaks through Austro-Hungarian defences west of Stanislau on .1 wide front. Russian- cavalry chase enemy eight miles as far as the River Lukw a 7000 prisoners taken. July 9.— Successful raid on Constantinople by R.N .A.S. General Korniloff wins his way into Wiktorow five miles south-west of Halicz. More than 1000 prisoners taken. The Commodore Lowestoft reports 11.M. armed trawler Ireland destroys two enemy seaplanes and takes four prisoners. H.M.S. Vanguard blown up as result of internal explosion and sunk 801 casualties. July 10.— Russians Capture Halicz.— In a three days offensive General Kornilofi advances 15 miles and overtakes 10,000 prisoners and So guns. German Success on Belgian Coast.— After intense bombard­ment enemy penetrates British positions cast of the Yser mouth on a front of oo . i yards and to a depth of 600 yards reaching right bank of River Yser near the sea. July 11.— British engage a Turkish force in the direction of Hamadieh on the Euphrates and inflict considerable loss. Enem ys artillery lire on the Nicuport front diminishes. Slight enemy gain east of Monchy-lc-Preux. British naval airmen bomb Ostend Varssenaere St. Denis VVestrem. Fourth day of Korniloffs offensive. General Korniloff’s troops fight severe and obstinate battle a t Kalusz and occujJy the town. J ui.y 12.— Announced that forces of King of the I-Icdjaz have gained victory over Turks in North of Arabia and whole country cast of Sinai Peninsula between Maaw and Akaba is now in their possession. Great air battles on the west front 14 German machines destroyed and 16 others driven down out of control. Naval airmen bomb aerodromes in Belgium Bruges Docks and railway junction south of Ostend Harbour. July 13 .—General Korniloffs left wing sweeps forward in an encircling movement on Dolina. July 14 .—Russians win further successes on the Lower Lomnica, and south-west of Kalusz taking Ooo prisoners. Germans penetrate two lines of French trenches west of Cerny but arc later evicted from all except 500 yards of advanced trenches. French conquer a network of trenches on Moronvillers Ridge taking 360 prisoners. Herr Bethmann-Hollwef German Imperial Chancellor, resigns and is succeeded by Herr Michaclis Prussian Under­secretary of Finance. July 15.—Italians raid third-line Austrian defences near Versic, and destroy positions. Artillery inactivity region of Armentiercs Wytschactc, and Nicuport. Battle in Champagne.— In the region of the Mont Ilaut and the Teton Germans assault the position captured by the French on July 14. At the Teton the enemy fails. At the Mont Haut after an obstinate fight the enemy retakes the greater part of the captured ground but is driven back by counter-attacks. July 16 .—The battle in Champagne ends in the complete defeat of the Germans. British line advanced slightly north-cast of Messincs. Russians cvacuate Kalusz and withdraw from west bank of the Lomnica. Light British naval forces sight a number of German steamers off the Dutch coast and capture four. July 17 .—French Gains at Verdun.— On the slopes of Hill 304 the French win back all their positions held by the Germans since June 29 and carry German line from Esnes to Malan- court. The King issues Proclamation declaring that the name of Windsor is to be borne by his Royal House and relin­quishing the use of German titles and dignities. Sir Fric Geddes becomes First Lord of the Admiralty in place of Sir Edward Carson who joins the War Cabinet. Mr. Winston Churchill appointed Minister of Munitions. July :8 .—French defeat violent German counter-attacks against the captured positions in Verdun region. July 19.— Sir Douglas Haig reports British re-establish advance posts east of Moncliy-le-Preux from which they were compelled to fallback on July 11. Germans attack south of Loinbaertzyde and reach British line only on a small portion of the front attacked. Those who entered our trenches driven out by counter-attacks. 1917 Russian Troops Defection.—Several detachments of Russian troops in Galicia refuse to obey the military coiii- mand and as a result Germans breakthrough Russian line. The lost positions are east of Zloczow east of Brzezany and near Halicz. Two Turkish cavalry regiments driven back at Beersheba. Germans suffer sanguinary losses in attacks 011 the Chcmin des Dames. Herr Mlchaelis the new German Chancellor delivers important speech. liritish attack enemys main position at Narongombe, German East Africa and inilict considerable losses. July 20.— Oil a wide front between I.embcrg and Tarnopol Russian troops retreat. British carryout raid south-west of Gaza one Turkish onicer and 101 men killed and 17 .men taken prisoners. July 21.— South-east of Cerny German desperate attacks on the French fail. I u l y 22.— Air Raid on Felixstowe and Harwich.— A squadron of enemy aeroplanes reported at from 15 to 21 drop bombs on Felixstowe and Harwich and proceed south down the Essex co a st: 13 persons killed 26 injured. One ol the raiding aeroplanes is brought down into the sea not lar from the coast. Further violent German attacks 011 the French at the Chcmin des Dames Ridge are repulsed. On the California Plateau close to Craonr.e the enemy gains a footing. British line advanced slightly south-east of Monchy-le- Prcux. II.M. armed mercantile cruiser Otway torpedoed and sunk 10 men killed by the explosion. M. Kerensky becomes Prime Minister in Russia. July 23.— Russian Breakdown.— East of Vilna part ol the Northern Russian Army opens an offensive penetrates German positions to depth of two miles and takes 1.000 prisoners but development of further success is jeopardised by instability and moral weakness of certain detachments. I11 Eastern Galicia the enemy drives a great wedge into Russian positions and claims to have taken Tarnopol. July 24.— Great Russian retreatinG alicia Halicz and Stanislau given up. Brilliant French Attacks.—Practically all ground taken 011 plateaux near Craonne by Germans regained by French. California Plateau clcared and enemy driven off the Case­ mates. itumanian Offensive.— General Shtcherbatcheffs army of Russian and Rumanian troops win a striking victory in Moldavia breaking enemy online a wide front. July 25.—Continued Russo-Rumanian success—over 2,000 prisoners taken and 57 guns. Russians swing back in aline from Trembowla and evacuate Huczacz Tlumacz, Ottynia and Delatyn. Germans again little ground near Aillcs and July 26.—Germans lose most of ground near Aillcs which they took on July 25. Announced Rumanian troops have advanced towards the upper reaches of the River Susitza. Fall of Kolomea to the Germans. July 27.—Germans recapture L a Basse Ville which British had taken during the night. British submarine captures German steamer Batavicr II. in the North Sea. July 28.— German troops reach Russian frontier of Eastern Galicia on both sides of the town of Husiatyn. Great aerial fighting reported 011 western front 31 enemy machines brought down and 30 driven down. July 29.—French win success between Hurtebise and the district south of L a Bovelle (west of Ailles) July 30.— H.M.S. Ariadne announced torpedoed. July 31.— Great allied attack on broad front extending north and south of Ypres launched over 5000 prisoners. Aug. 1.—Germans counter-attack east and north-east of Ypres, and compel British to withdraw from St. J ulicn. All ground between latter and Westlioek is firmly held by British. Auc. 2.—More violent German attempts to recover lost ground north-cast of Ypres repulsed. General Brussiloff resigns as Russian Commandcr-in-Chicf, and is succeeded b y General Korniloff. Aug. 3.— British recapture St. Julien. Fall of Czernovitch to the Austrians. Heavy fighting between British and German forces near Lindi German East Africa. Enb of vm t.
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