The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume VI, Spring-Summer Campaign 1916

21(10 DIARY OF THE GREAT WAR 1916 June 29 .—British activity all along the line numerous raids on German positions. Roger Casement sentenced to death. June 30.— Continued British activity all along the front. Pctrograd reports capture of Kolomca. July i .—Great Allied OfTcnslve Launched.— A Franco-British attack north and south of the Somme on a front of twenty- five miles begins at 7.30 a.m.Our troops carry the German forward system of defences on a front of sixteen miles, storming and occupying the strongly-fortified villages of Montauban and Mainctz. Over 2000 prisoners taken. July 2 .—Second day ol allied offensive. Sir Douglas Haig reports heavy infighting the area between the Ancre and the Somme. Our troops carry Fricourt. Total prisoners to date 3500. French engaged north of the Somme in the region of JIardecourt and Curlu. The village of Frise and Mer6aucourt Wood captured. Prisoners exceed 6000. July 3.— Third day of allied offensive. British take La Boisselle, but are checked north-east of Albert. The French capture five villages and advance to within three miles of Peronne. Prisoners taken by Allies total i2\3oo. Russians begin a heavy artillery action on the Riga front, assisted by naval units. July 4.— Frcrich and British Progress.— Sir Douglas Haig reports that La Boisselle part of which had been in enemy hands is entirely in our possession. South of the Somme the French make good progress towards P6ronne capturing Estries and Belloy-en-Santerre. Russian success north of the Pripet. In the Baranovitchi region two lines of enemy works carried and 2700 prisoners taken. July 5 .—Continued gains by British and French. Latter advance north of the Somme to Hem which they capture, and reach a point 011 the south bank two miles from Peronne. British prisoners total over 6.000 and the French 9500. _ u l y 6.—British advance near Thicpval. Russian InOffensive.— Volhynia our Ally overtakes 2300 prisoners. West of Lower Strypa the enemy is over­thrown and driven back and 5000 prisoners taken. General Lccliitsky cuts railway communication between Galicia and Hungary. July 7.— Text of Admiral Jeilicoes despatch on Jutland Battle published. Mr. Lloyd George new War Minister.—Sir Edward Grey becomes a viscount. Second Stage of British Advance.— Our troops advance between the Ancre and the Somme. A further portion of the Leipzig Redoubt carried while east of La Boisselle we advance our line 500 yards on a front of nearly 2000 yards. The Prussian Guard thrown into the battle to bar our progress east of Contalmaison repulsed. Russians break the German line north of Lutsk salient. July 8.—Text of a Russo-Japanese agreement published. Fighting takes place on the extreme British right flank. Our troops again lodgment in the Bois des Trones while our aeroplanes bomb Douai Aerodrome. The French report their capture of Hardecourt with 633 prisoners. July 9 .—East of Flaucourt French troops carry enemy positions on a depth of from 1100 yards to a mile and a quarter. They capture the village of Biaches. New Russian Blows.— Our ally north of the Lutsk salient forces the Germans back in disorder six miles to the Stokhod. Thirty miles farther south they push their new wedge into the German front east of Kovel. Reported tliat since June 4 the Russians have taken 250000 prisoners. Hostile aeroplane raid 011 south-east coast of England five bombs dropped. July 10.— Germans make slight gain in the Troncs Wood, where desperate battle raged. Our progress continued in the Mametz eastWood of Ovillers and near Contalmaison. French storm a height near Peronne. Russian army south-east of Kovel reported to have advanced io i miles. General Smuts reports occupation of Tanga on the coast 01 German East Africa. 011 .July 7. July ii.— Despatch from Sir Douglas Haig published stating that after ten days and nights of continuous fighting our troops have completed the “methodical capture ”of the enemys first system of defence on a front of eight miles. Our prisoners exceed 7.500 and we captured twenty-six field-guns. An earlier official ort rei announces the retaking ol Contalmaison and most of the Trones Wood. 1916 Big Russian Captures.— Our ally reports that in their offensive since July 5 they have captured 271620 officers and men 312 guns and 866 machine-guns. U boat fires thirty rounds of shrapnel at Seaham Harbour. July 12.— Sir Douglas Haig reports recapture of all ground in Mamctz Wood lost during the night also some progress in the Troncs Wood. Mass attack of 18000 Germans indirection of the Souville Fort (north-east of Verdun) gains for the enemy only a little ground near the Chapelle Sainte Fine Farm. July 13.— British continue their pressure and advance their line. Allied Shell Conference at War Office. July 14.— German Second Line 'Breached.— Sir Douglas Haig reports that at daybreak our troops carried the enemy’s second online a front of four miles. As the result of the days fighting we hold the position from Bazentin-le-Petit village to Longueval village and the whole of Trones Wood. July 15.— North of Bazentin-le-Grand our troops penetrate the German third line at the Bois des Foureaux. In this neighbourhood a detachment of the enemy successfully accounted for by a squadron of Dragoon Guards. I11 the past twenty-four hours we captured over 2000 prisoners and five heavy howitzers. July 16.—The detachment of our troops that penetrated to Foureaux withdraw into our mainline without molestation from the enemy. Russian successes. In Volhynia our ally captures two batteries and 3000 prisoners. They report having stormed Baiburt halfway between Erzerum and Trebizond. July 17.— Our troops as the result of fresh successes now hold 4 miles 600 yards of the German second line north of the Somme. North of Longucval they arc close to the third line. Since July 1 the total of unwounded German prisoners is 189 officers and 10779 other ranks. Big Russian success. Our ally gains an important success in Volhynia 011 the southern face of the Lutsk salient pushing back Von Linsingcns army ten miles to the south and capturing 12954 prisoners and 30 guns. July 18.— Germans attack our positions near Longucval and Delville Wood. July 19.— Enemy recaptures a portion of Delville Wood and obtains a footing in Longucval but British regain most of the lost ground. July 20.— Continued Allied Success in the West.— British advance 1000 yards north of the Bazentin-Longucval line. Heavy fighting continues in the northern outskirts of Longueval village and in Delville Wood. General Sakharoffs troops inflict heavy defeat on the Austrians on the south-western face of the Lutsk salient. July 21.— Reported that Russian Army of the Caucasus has captured the town of Gumushkhanc 100 miles from Erzerum. July 22.— Despatches from Lord French and General Maxwell on the rising in Ireland published. Announced that Russians in Southern Volhynia have captured in eight days 27000 prisoners and 40 guns. In Armenia they are within thirty miles of Erzindjan. July 23.— Battle of the Somme.”—Territorial and Australian troops carry the German outer works of Pozi&res by assault. Resignation of M. Sazonoff -Russian Foreign Minister. July 24.— Fight for Pozldres.— All-day stubborn battle for this village a large portion of which is in our hands. We aiso gain ground near High Wood. July 25.— Russians take Austro-Gcrman positions in North-Eastern Galicia about twelve miles from Brody. Fall of Erzindjan. July 26.— The whole of Pozifires captured. July 27.— Announced that north of the line Pozifcres-Bazentin- le-Petit British capture 200 yards of an important trench. Enemy driven from east and north-east of Delville Wood. Russians capture Brody. Captain Frvatt of the capturcd steamer Brussels shot by Germans in Bruges. July 28.— German efforts to recapture Delville Wood repulsed. July 29.— Serbians again success over the Bulgarians cast of Monastir. Three Zeppelins raid the East Coast dropping thirty-two bombs in Lincolnshire and Norfolk. July 30.— New Allied Advance from the east of the Delville Wood to the Somme. July 31.— General Smuts reports occupation of Dodoma. Zeppelin raid 011 seven Eastern and South-Eastern counties. JEnb of Doiume vi.
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