The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume II, The Winter Campaign 1914-1915

n20 DIARY OF THE GREAT WAR hIe .9.— Enemy bombard Yprcs and I'urncs and pour incendi­ary shells on Soissons. Near La Bassee a mill wrested from Germans. Indecisive battle continued at Bagatelle. The Wilhelmina the United States ship laden with food for Germany arrives at Falmouth. Reported from Pretoria that rebel leader Maritz executed by Germans for treachery. Austrian official rejxirt issued in Vienna admits break­down of their inoffensive Carpathians. King George receives M. Bark Russian Minister of Finance at Buckingham Palace. Feb. 10.— Russian official communique reports capture of 23 officers and 1500 rank and file several machine-guns and a mortar in the Carpathians. Feb .11.— Russian retreat in East Prussia in consequence of great German advance. Nieuport violently bombarded by Germans. In the Argonne struggle around the Marie Therese work results inconsiderable German losses and French lose seriously. Feb. 12.— In the Vosges French Chasseurs carry Hill 937 in region north of Hartmannsweilerkopf in violent snow­storm. First Great Air Raid in History. Admiralty announces that during the last 24 hours combined aeroplane and sea­plane operations carried out by the Naval Wing against German submarine bases in Zeebrugge Blankenberglie and Ostend districts. Tliirty-four aircralt took underpart command of Wing-Commander Samson assisted by Wing- Commander Longmore and Squadron-Commanders Porte, Courtney and Rathborne. Flight-Commandcr Grahame- White fell into sea off Nieuport and was rescued by French vessel. Feb .13. —In Carpathians Russian troops occupv fortified heights in region of Szvidnik (south-west of Dukla Pass). French heavy artillery reaches railway-station of Noyon. Violent German bombardment in Nieuport and the dune region. United States Note to Germany regarding blockade pub­lished. It warns Germany that if German vessels destroy an American ship and lives of American citizens on high seas the German Government will beheld to "strict ac­countability for such acts.” The Note to Great Britain states American Government will view with anxious solici­tude any general use of the United States flag by British vessels in the zone of operations. Official account of fighting between British and Turks issued at Cairo from which it appears that in January, at Tor a small seaport 011 Gulf of Suez enemys lorce was annihilated over a hundred prisoners taken and twenty camels. British losses one Gurkha killed and one wounded. F .—e b.i. Rlieims again bombarded by Germans. In Alsace Germans take the offensive along the valley of the Lauch but their march delayed and hampered by French ski patrols. Russian Retreat in East Prussia. In the Lyck-Rajgrod- Graievo region of East Prussia (the latter two places on the Russian side of the frontier) fierce fight in progress. Farther to north Russian troops fallback to fortified line of River Niemen under pressure of great German forces. In Carpathians Russian success at Smolnik east of Lupkow eighteen officers more than a thousand rank and file and three machine-guns captured. Feb .15.— Allies carry 250 yards of trench on road between Bcthune and La Bassee. In Argonne indirection of Bagatelle and Marie Therese struggle continuing very stubbornly from trench to Intrench. Lorraine enemy having pushed back French main guard succeed in occupying height of Xon Beacon and hamlet of Norroy, but repulsed as far as slopes north of the Beacon. In the Vosges French Chasseurs Alpins on skis deliver very brilliant counter-attack on slopes of Langenfeldkopf. In 51915 I9 Northern Poland Germans occupy Raciaz east of Serpedz, and claim to be making rapid progress on East Prussian frontier. Important speech by Mr. Churchill in House of Commons, in which stated that British reply to German “system of piracy and murder *at sea would bean increase in restric­tions now placed on German trade pointing to a blockade of German coast. Other ints x are :During last three months 8000 British merchantmen had been on the seas and only 19 sunk—only 4 by surface craft. Losses during six months were only 63 ships. We can meet any new German development by resources infinitely superior to those in August. Navy transport has moved 1,000,000 men without loss. Navy sound as a bell. Important speech by Mr. Lloyd George in House of Com­mons. chief i«)ints ol which :Allies will spend for year ending December 31 next not far short of /2,000,000,000. British Empire will spend about 100000000 or/150,000,000 more than highest figure spent by France or Russia. We can pay the war lor five years out of our investments abroad, and France for at least three years. Russia is to get a loan of 50000000 in equal amounts from London and Paris. Count Bernstorff German Ambassador to United States, presents Note to its Government to effect that Germany is ready to consider abandonment of policy of attacking British merchantmen if Great Britain will cease her eflorts to prevent loodstuffs from being conveyed to civilians in Germany. Feu. 16.— Second great air raid by Allies 011 German positions on Belgian coast. Forty British and French aeroplanes and waterplanes drop 240 bombs on Ostend Middlekerke, Ghistelles and Zeebrugge with good results. First of communiques which Sir John French is hence­forward to issue twice a week appears. Records capture by British of trenches near La Bassee lost by them on Feb 14. British steamer Dulwich (3289 tons) blown up twenty miles off Cape Antifer (Havre) whether by mines or torpedoes not clear. French steamer Ville de Lille sunk oil Barfleur by German submarine. I1 1 Champagne over a front extending from north-west of Perthes to north of Beausejour French carry two miles of trenches and ma^e several hundred prisoners. Russian official message announces Germans advancing from East Prussia attempting to envelop Russian forces in neighbourhood of Augustovo 011 either wing. Despatch from Sir John French describing gallantry of troops in battles fought in December at Festubert and at the end of January before Bethune. British Naval losses since commencement of war pub­lished :Killed 34S officers 5812 men wounded 45 officers, 352 men missing 8 officers 5 men. In Royal Naval Division :Killed 5 officers 36 men wounded 4 officers, 184 men missing 7 officers 968 men interned 39 officers, 1524 men. Feb .17.— French success in Champagne and to the north of Arras. Germans claim to have taken 50000 Russian prisoners, after driving Russians over East Prussian frontier. Sir Edward Grey in his Note to United States replying to complaint regarding British interference with neutral shipping outpoints that complaint founded on a mis­conception. Zeppelin L4 destroyed 011 Danish island of Fanoe and another German airship lost on Danish coast. Long list issued containing names of officers and men recommended for gallant and distinguished ""service in the field. F e b.iS.— German “Official ”Blockade of Great Britain begins. Victoria Crosses awarded to 11 officers and men. and a clasp to the Victoria Cross to Lieut. A.M. Leake, R.A.M.C. lEnb of IDolume X L
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