The War Illustrated, The Story of the Great European War, Volume I, The First Phase

300 DIARY OF THE GREAT WAR 1914 Oct. 25.— Allies occupy Melzicourt. Death of Sir Charles Douglas Chief of Imperial General Staff. Portugal naval reserves called up. OCT. 26.— Russian cavalry occupy Lodz 70 miles from Warsaw. Russian forces officially reported to have broken the resistance of 20th German Army Corps and the corps of the Reserve of the German Guard between Pilitza and Glovacher. Admiralty announces that 70 ships of the Allies are in pursuit of the eight or nine enemy raiders in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans including the Karlsruhe a German cruiser in the Atlantic which has sunk thirteen ships valued at 1011000 sending the crews into Tencriffe. Announced that M. Poincare and Lord Kitchener have been elected to the Lord Rectorships of Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities respectively. French steamer A m iral G auteaum withe Belgian refugees on board damaged by explosion between Boulogne and Folkestone 30 lives lost in panic. British merchantman Manchester Commerce sunk by mine off northern coast of Ireland captain and 13 men perishing 30 saved. German troops cross theY scr between Nieuport and D ixm ude. /jerm an troops reported to have invaded Angola, Portuguese West Africa. Lieut. Prince Maurice of Battenberg K.R .R .reported killed inaction. OCT. 27.— French report the destruction of several German batteries by their artillery fire between Soissons Band erry-au-Bac on the Aisne. Germans thrust back between Ypres and Roulcrs and driven out of French Lorraine. Colonel M aritz and his forces routed Brits M aritz wounded having (led to German S.W .Africa. I.ord Buxton reports revolt of Generals Beyers and Christian D e Wet. General Botha routs General Beyers commando. Ileilbrun reported to have been seized by the South African rebels. OCT. 28.— First list of Indian casualties. Belgian troops reported to have defeated Germans at K i Scnie on Lake Tanganyika. Lord Kitchener announces that a further 100000 men are urgently needed to complete the requirements of the Army. Breslau and Ham idieh bombard Theodosia and Novorossisk in the Black Sea. Oct. 29.— Resignation of Prince Louis of Battenberg First Sea Lord. Lord Fisher appointed to succeed him. Russians reported to have occupied Radorn and retaken Strykoff Reschoff and Novomiasto. Oct. 30.— Publication by the “Morning st”oP of the Kaiser's letter to Lord Tw eedm outh in 190S in which it was emphatically denied that the German Navy Bill was aimed at Great Britain. Admiral Il.S .H .Prince Louis of Battenberg resigns his position as First Sea Lord and is succeeded by Lord Fisher. Government hospital ship R ohilla runs on rocks off W h itby over 70 lives lost. Germans forced to recross the Yscr Belgians having flooded area gained by them. M. deG iers Russian Ambassador leaves Con­stantinople. Bedouin tribes cross Egyptian frontier. II.M .S .Hermes sunk in Dover Straits by German submarine 3 killed and 20 missing. 1914 Oct. 31.— London Scottish Territorial Regiment takes part in the fighting on the Continent distinguish themselves near Ypres where the Kaiser is said to be with the German forces. German cruiser Em den disguised sinks Russian cruiser Zhem chug and French destroyer Mousquct at Penang. General bombardment ofT sing-tau begins. Italy occupies Saseno. Resignation of Signor Rubini, Minister of the Treasury leads to fall of the Italian Cabinet. Turks bombard Odessa. Nov. 1.— Foreign Office statement on A nglo-T u rkish rela­tions issued. From this date the “Peking Gazette” is announced under German control. Battle in {he Pacific off the coast of Chili. H.M .cruiser Monmouth and H.M .cruiser Good Hope sunk, while the cruiser Glasgow and armed auxiliary cruiser Otranto made their escape from the German cruisers Scharnhorst G nicsenau N iirnberg Leipzig and Dresden under Admiral von Spec. Nov. 2.— Egypt declared under martial law. Reported that passengers and crews of British steamers V andyck H urstdale and Glanton had been landed at Para. Brazil the vessels having been sunk by the German cruiser Karlsruhe. NOV. 3.— British cruiser Minerva shells fortress and barracks at A kabah in the SeaRed and a combined British and French force bombards the Dardanelles forts. Enemy squadron fires on coastguard patrol Halcyon off Yarm outh (one man wounded) submarine D5 sunk by mine during pursuit of the German vessels 2 officers and 2 men 011 the bridge saved. Germans reported to have evacuated the line of theY scr between Dixm ude and the sea. Kaiser said to have narrowly escaped from bombs dropped by an airman inT hielt. Imperial Viceroy of Caucasus announces he has been ordered by the T sarto cross the frontier and attack the Turks. Admiral Sir Percy Scott appointed to the President, additional for special service. Nov. 4— King and Queen visit Canadian troops on Salisbury Plain. German cruiser Y o rck sunk (by mine or submarine) at entrance to Jalule Bay. Nov. 5.— Official statements issued of Sir John French’s warm congratulations to the Indian troops and London Scottish. Russian General Staff announces a general forward movement by the armies of the Tsar. Allies reported to have taken bartzydc near Nieuport. “London Gazette ”announces that owing to hostile acts committed by Turkish forces under German officers, a state of war exists from to-day between Great Britain and Turkey and that Cyprus has been annexed. Turkish Ambassador and his Staff leave London. German officer in Alexandria Police Force sentenced to penal servitude for fomenting rebellion in Egypt. Baron Sidney Sonnino becomes Foreign Minister in the new Italian cabinet. “Eye-Witness ”describes attacks on British lines near Yprcs between Oct. 26 and 30 as “the most bitterly- contested battle which has been fought in the western theatre of war.” From this date the whole of the North Sea declared“ a military area.”^ lEnb of IPolume !?
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