Memorial Register, Belgium 139-149, WW1, The Harlebeke Group of Cemeteries, Belgium

TH ELAN DIN BELGIUM O C C U PIED A S BRITISH WAR CEMETERIES O R GRAVES HAS B E ENG E NERO U SLY CON CEDE DIN PERPETUITY B THEY BELG IAN PEOPLE U N D E RAN AGREEMENT MAD EAT L E H A V R EON AUGUST 9™1917. The number o f the Plot is indicated by a Roman numeral following the entry, the Row by a capital letter and the Grave by a number. Thus II. B. 8. indicates Plot II BRow Grave 8. In the Registers o f Cemeteries that are not divided into Plots the Row is indicated by a capital letter following the entry and the Grave by a number. Thus D .12. indicates Row GraveD 12. The particulars given in the Registers o f the Graves have been compiled from information furnished by the Record Offices and the next-of-kin. In all cases the relatives have been asked to furnish the personal information they wish to appear in the Register and where possible this has been given in their actual words. Special Memorials to officers and men known or believed to be buried in the Cemetery are indicated by the letters “Sp. M em ”following the entry and by a number shewing the position in the group. Thus “Sp. M em. 2 .”indicates Special Memorial number 2. Other Special Memorials to officers and men whose graves have been lost are indicated by the name o f the place o f burial followed by a number. Thus“ K olenberg Forest German Cemetery M em .5.” indicates the fifth name on the relative group o f Memorial Stones. INDEX TO THE REGISTERS OF THE GRAVES PAGE Harlebeke Churchyard _________ 9 Harleoeke New British Cemetery -------10 Staceghem Communal Cemetery Harlebeke -----47 Sweveghem Churchyard ---------49 Vichte Military Cemetery -53 Vichte Churchyard ----------58 Beveren-les-Courtrai Churchyard -------59 Desselghem Churchyard ---------59 Huls te Churchyard ----------59 Vive-St. Bavon Churchyard ________ ^ 9 W ielsbeke Churchyard ---------59
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