Memorial Register, Belgium 127, WW1, Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm), Zillebeke, Belgium

VALLEY COT T AGES CEMETERY Z ILL E B EKE was among a group of cottages on “Observatory Road ”which runs Eastward from Zillebeke village. It contained the graves of h i soldiers from the United Kingdom and Canada. It was in an exposed position during the greater part of the war and 73 of the graves in it are represented by special memorials in Railway Dugouts Burial Ground. TRAN SPORT FARM ANNEXE was about 100 yards South-East of the Railway Dugouts cemetery on the road to Verbrandcnmolen. The graves in it were removed to Perth Cemetery (China Wall) Zillebeke but one officer whose grave was not found is specially commemorated here. THE REGISTER O F THE GRAVES ABEL Rfn. H.A. 5247. First Surrey Rifles. 6th Nov. 1916. VI. O. 34. ABRAHAM Pte. G. 612071. 191I1 Bn. London Rcgt. 7th April 1917. VII. K. 25. ABRAM Ptc. Arthur William 451772. 58th Bn. Canadian Inf. (2nd Ccntial Ontario Regt.). Killed inaction 19th Aug. 1916. Age 30. Son of John William and Nancy Abram of Black­burn Lancs. England. Valley Cottages Ccm. Zillcbckc Mem. B. 1. ABRAM Pte. R.A. 10683. rst East Surrey Rcgt. 21st April 1915. V.A. 7. ACE (served as FAYLOR) Pte. Bernard 464069. 14th Bn. Canadian Inf. (Quebec Regt.). 5th Aug. 1916. Age 22. Son of George W.and Clara Ace of Albany Oregon husband of Maude Sprowell Ace of 710 Vermont St. Rock Springs, Wyoming U.S.A. VI.I. 33. ADAMS Pte. Charles 722639. 24th Bn. London Rcgt. Killed inaction 25th March 1917. Age 35. Son of Charles Adams of 7 Thorparch Rd., Wandsworth London husband of Ellen Maud Wood (formerly Adams) of 18 Queens Mansions, North Rd. Holloway London. VII. .25. ADAMS Rfn. C. 571647. 17th Bn. London Regt. 29th March 1917. VII. K. 3. ADAMS Ptc. D. 458110. 14th Bn. Canadian Inf. (Quebec Regt.). 13th July 1916. VI. H. 31. ADAMS Pte. Thomas 132771. 13th Bn. Canadian Inf. (Quebec Regt.). 18th Julv 1916. III. F. 16. ADAMS Ptc. William Alexander 424502. 43rd Bn. Canadian Inf. (Manitoba Regt.). 22nd Aug. 1916. Age 33. Son of Robert Adams husband of Florence Rose Adams of 233 21st Street, Brandon Manitoba. inBorn Scotland. Valley Cottages Ccm. Zillcbckc Mem. B. 2. ADAMSON Ptc. J. W. 40202. 10th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. 10th Nov. 1916. VI. O. 27. AINSLEY Spr. S. 47825. 9th Div. Signal Coy. Royal Engineers. 18th Oct. 1915. B.I. 12. AKEHURST Lee. Cpl. J. 2834. 13th Bn. Royal Sussex Rcgt. 1st March 1917. Age 39. Husband of Ann Akehurst of 65 Trafalgar Rd., Horsham. VII. H. 31. ALCORN Lee. Cpl. Carlton S. 111003. 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebec Rcgt.). 23rd July 1916. Age 19. Son of Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Alcorn of Berwick Kings Co. Nova Scotia. VI. B. 29. ALDERSON Pic. F. 8/3565. 8th Bn. Durham Inf.Light 26th Feb. 1916. I. J. 3. ALDRIDGE Ptc. W. 8079. ist/5th Bn. South Staffordshire Regt. 13th Aug. 1915. I. E.n .INDEX No.B. 127 RAILWAY DUGOUTS BURIAL GROUND (TRANSPORT FARM) ZILLEBEK E 7
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The document titled Memorial Register, Belgium 127, WW1, Railway Dugouts Burial Ground (Transport Farm), Zillebeke, Belgium is beneath this layer.

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