Memorial Register, Belgium 84, WW1, Ypres Reservoir Cemetery, Belgium

YPRES RESERVOIR CEMETERY BELGIUM C EM ETERY IN D EX NUM BER B. 84 Y PRES is an old town and a commune in the Province ot West Flanders. It was, from October 1914 to the autumn of 1918, the centre of a Salient held by the British (and for some months by the French) forces in Belgium. From April 1915, it was bombarded and destroyed more completely than any other town of its size on the Western front; but even to the end certain buildings remained distinguishable. The ruins of the Cathedral and the Cloth Hall stood together in the middle of the city. The Infantry Barracks stood, in part, at the re-entrant angle of the South walls. The prison, the reservoir and the water tower were together at the Western gate; and the prison was “ a fine example of the resistance to shell-fire of thick walls if they are thick enough.” * Three cemeteries were made near the Western gate : two between the prison and the reservoir, both now removed into the third, and the third on the North side of the prison. The third was called at first the “ Cemetery North of the Prison,” and later “ Ypres Reservoir North Cemetery ” ; and it is now Ypres Reservoir Cemetery. It stretches North to the new boulevard which cuts across the “ Plaine d’Amour,” and it covers an area of 14,261 square yards. It is bounded by a brick wall, and planted with white limes and cypresses. This cemetery was begun in October 1915, and used by fighting units and Field Ambulances until after the Armistice. It then contained 1,099 graves ; and to these 1,500 were added from smaller cemeteries or from the battlefields of the Salient. The officers and men now buried in it may be divided thus :— Soldiers, airmen and Royal Marine gunners from the United Kingdom ................................................... 2,248 Canadian soldiers • • • • 151 Australian soldiers • • • • 142 New Zealand soldiers • • * • 28 South African soldiers • • • • 12 British West Indies Regiment • • • • 6 Royal Newfoundland Regiment • • 4 Royal Guernsey Light Infantry . . 2 Indian Army • • • • i Unknown Units • • • • 7 German prisoner....................................... 1 * War Diary of the 1st Irish Guards, quoted by Mr. Rudyard Kipling.
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