Memorial Register, Belgium 23, WW1, Bard Cottage Cemetery, Boesinghe, Belgium

THE REGISTER OF THE GRAVES. ABBOTT Ptc. Nicholas Albert Henry 49617. 25th Labour Coy. The Queens transf. to (79244) 133rd Coy. Labour Corps. 28th Sept. 1917. Age 27. Son of Nicholas Richard and Elizabeth Abbott of Tottenham husband of Rose Kate Abbott of 5 Chalgrove Rd. South Tottenham, London. IV. I. 6. ABBOTT Pte. William 2800. ist/4th B11. Kings Own Yorkshire Inf.Light 21st Nov. 1915. Age 19. Son of Mrs. Ellen Abbott of 3 Yard 3, Dark Lane Batley Yorks. I. G. 10. ADDISON Ptc. S. 17/589. 17th Bn. North­ umberland Fusiliers. 8th Nov. 1917. Son of the late Robert and MaryEllen Addison of West Hartlepool. VI. B. 21. AHERN Pte. M .301320. 7th Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 8th Sept. 1917. IV. G. 7. AKEH U RST Ptc. E. 34846. 1st Bn. Essex Rcgt. Killed inaction 6th July 1917. Age 40. Son of Alfred and Esther Akehurst of Tunbridgc Wells husband of Harriett Sarah Ann Akehurst, of 9 King St. Gillingham Kent. II. K. 1. A LD REN Serjt. Fred 39439. 202nd Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. Killed inaction 25th Oct. 1917. Age 24. Brother of Mr. L. Aldren of 4 Mint St. Kendal Westmorland. VI.A. 43. A LD RIDGE Ptc. Thomas Clark 54792. 13th Bn. Welch Rcgt. 8th Sept. 1917. Age 33. Son of George and Jane Aldridge husband of Alice Aldridge of 50 Bcdalc Rd. Wellingborough. IV. F. 45. ALEXANDER Scrjt. L .H. 420941. 10th Bn. London Rcgt. 21st Sept. 1917. IV. H. 38. ALLCO CK Pte. Edward 21081. 7th Bn. Kings Own Yorkshire Inf.Light 1st April 1916. Age 27. Son of Frederick and MaryAnn Allcock, of 19 Main Rd. Renishaw Chesterfield. I.D. 7- ALLEN Gnr. G.E. 935815. “D” Bty. 282nd Bde. Royal Field Artillery. 15th Aug. 1917. IV. C. 12. ALLEN Cpl. Joseph 12354 M.M. 6th Bn. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light Killed inaction 10th Aug. 1917. Age 22. Son of Thomas and Marj' Allen of Creeper Cottage Great Milton, Wallingford Berks. IV. B. 30. ALL IO T T Ptc. Harold Follows 38634. 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. Killed inaction 18th July, 1917. Age 20. Son of George and Alice Martha Alliott of 35 Victoria Rd. Long Eaton Notting­ham. III. C. 3. ALMOND Gnr. John 680898. “D” Bty. 286th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. Died of wounds 5th Nov. 1917. Age 29. Son o f Thomas and Ellen Almond of Longridge Preston husband of Mary Almond of 3 1 Livescy St. Preston. V.B. 54. AMISS Pte. Charles 17199. 7th Bn. York and Lancaster Rcgt. 5th Sept. 1917. Age 26. Son of William and Maria Amiss of Foulsham, Guist Norfolk. IV. E. 50. ANDREW Ptc. J. 38767. 7th Bn. York and Lancaster Regt. 25th Aug. 1917. D.IV. 37. ANDREWS Gnr. A.C. 338657. 142nd (Durham) Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. 16th Sept., 1917. Age 28. Husband of Fanny Hetty Andrews, of xo8 Fentham Rd. Erdington Birmingham. IV. H. io. ANDREWS Ptc. Charles 14839. 7th Bn. Somerset Inf.Light Died of wounds 27th March 1916. Age 19. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Ann Andrews of 440 East Chinnock Yeovil. I.A. 13. ANDREWS Ptc. Edward James 54810. 15th Bn. Welch Rcgt. 27th July 1917. Age 20. Son of Annie W.E. Beck (formerly Andrews) o f ”“Fair View Bratton Rd. Wcstbury Wilts and the late George Andrews of Aldershot. III. G. 26. ANDREWS Gnr. S. W. 118816. ist/2nd (Lancs) Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. 17th Aug. 1917. D.IV. 11 .ANGUS Pte. G. 240624. ist/4th Bn. Scaforth Highlanders. 7th Sept. 1917. IV. F. 21. A N TELL Lee. Cpl. A. 47485. 15th (Pioneer) Bn. Welch Rcgt. 24th Feb. 1917. II. E. 3- INDEX No.B. 23 BARD COTTAGE CEM. BELGIUM 7
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