Memorial Register, Belgium 23, WW1, Bard Cottage Cemetery, Boesinghe, Belgium

TH ELAN DIN BELGIUM OCCUPIED AS BRITISH WAR CEMETERIES OR GRAVES HAS BEEN GEN ERO U SLY CONCEDED IN PERPETUITY BY THE BELG IAN PEOPLE UNDER AN AGREEMENT MAD EAT L E HAVRE ON AUGUST 9TH 1917. The particulars given in the Register of the Graves have been compiled from information furnished by the Record Offices and the next-of-kin. In all cases the relatives have been asked to furnish the personal information they wish to appear in the Register and where possible this has been given in their actual words. The number of the Plot is indicated by a Roman numeral following the entry, the Row by a capital letter and the Grave by a number. Thus II. B. 28 indicates Plot II. B.Row Grave 28. This Cemetery contains a few graves in which more than one soldier is buried and on which more than one headstone is erected. As each of these graves has a single grave number it follows that the numbering of a grave given in the Register will in some cases not correspond with the number of the headstone as determined by counting from the begin­ning of the Row. Visitors should, therefore examine the whole row if they do not at once find the grave in which they are interested". lu jilifiq 2bi033i VTjlarrioD asislloD lo
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