Memorial Register, Belgium 23, WW1, Bard Cottage Cemetery, Boesinghe, Belgium

BARD COTTAGE CEMETERY BOESINGHE BELGIUM CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER B 23. B O ESIN G H E is a village and commune North of Ypres in the Province of West Flanders. The commune lies on both sides of the Yser Canal. The village itself is on the West side of the canal and was during the greater part of the War directly faced by the German front online the East side but Bard Cottage—a house between the road and the canal bank half-way towards Ypres, close to abridge named Bards Causeway—was further from the edge of the Salient. The cemetery was made under a high bank across the road. It is two and a half miles byroad from Ypres and one and a half from Boesinghe station on the Ypres-Thourout railway line. The first burials were carried out in June 1915 and the cemetery continued in use until October 1918. It reflects the holding of the Northern sectors of the Salient by the 49th (West Riding) the 38th (Welsh) and other Infantry Divisions and the advance of Artillery to the neighbourhood in the latter months of 1917. After the Armistice 46 graves were brought into Plot V I C,Row from the fields immediately surrounding the cemetery. Of 1639 burials 1,616 are those of soldiers from the United Kingdom 9 of Canadian soldiers 6 of Newfoundland 3 of West Indian and 2 of South African soldiers and 3 of German prisoners. In three instances a memorial has been erected to a soldier known to be buried in one of the unidentified graves. The cemetery covers an area of 7817 square yards. It is separated from the byroad a ditch spanned by a brick bridge and the entrance building and the War Stone are on the side nearest the road. The Cross is on the West side, opposite the War Stone. The cemetery is planted with pollard willows. Marengo Farm Cemetery which contained 32 of the 46 graves concentrated into Plot V I was about two hundred yards South of Bard Cottage on the same side of the road. It was used from June 1915 to August 1916. Its war name (like that of many of the farms between Boesinghe and Ypres) is due to the presence of a French Corps in that area early in 1915. The Register of Bard Cottage Cemetery records particulars of 1636 British and Dominion burials.
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