Memorial Register, Belgium 22, WW1, Oxford Road Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium

WHITE Ptc. William Franklin 32743. 2nd Bn. Hampshire Rcgt. nth March 1918. Age 29. Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. M.S. White of 36, St. Marys Rd. Oxford husband of Edith Elizabeth White of 116 Magdalen Rd. Oxford. V. J. 28. W IIITTAM Pte. John 39475. 16th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. 3rd Dec. 1917. Age 25. Son of Mary Whittam of 14 Weir St., Accrington Lancs. V. D. 1. WHITWHAM Cpl. Frederick R/7706. 9th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps. 13th Dec. 1917. Age 21. Son of the late Friend Frederick and Eliza Whitwham of Batley Yorks. V. F. 11. W ILKS Pte. H. H. 669872. 123rd Canadian Pioneers. 6th Nov. 1917. I. K .6. WILLIAMS Pte. G. 50281. 22nd Bn. The Queens transf. to (80486) 135th Coy. Labour Corps. 2nd Jan. 1918. V .'H. 23. WILLIAMS Gnr. H. 84946. 279th Siege Btv. Royal Garrison Artillery. Killed inaction 23rd Nov. 1917. Age 27. Son of Hugh and Jane Williams of Tyddynforfydd Llanddyfnan, Anglesey. V.A. 4. WILLIAMS Pte. James 21911.“ C ”Coy. 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers. Died of wounds 3rd Feb. 1918. Age 23. Son of Harry and Elizabeth Williams of ”“The Hand Llantrissent, Mon. V. G. 6. WILLIAMS Pte. Walter 24792. 10th Bn. Worcestershire Regt. 20th Sept. 1917. Age 22. Son of Florence Williams of 8 Garbett St., Lady wood Birmingham. III. G. n .WILLIAMSON Gnr. J. 125429. “C” Bty. 108th Bdc. Royal Field Artillery. 6th Oct. 1917. I. DD. 1. WILSON Lee. Cpl. William 26/948. 4th Bn. 3rd N.Z. (Rifle) Brigade. 18th Feb. 1918. Age 29. Son of John and Mary Wilson of Luke St. Otahuhu Auckland. III. D. 9. WOOD Gnr. Leslie Fielder 102340. “B” Bty. 86th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. 28th Oct. 1917. Age 21. Son o f Horace and Hcphzibah Wood, of Froxficld Green Petersflcld Hants. Native of Langrish Pctersfield. I.I. 7. WOOD Ptc. Oscar John 3/2196. N.Z. Medical INDEX No.B. 22 Corps. Died of wounds 4th Oct. 1917. Age 22. OXFORD ROAD Son of Frederick and Agnes M. Wood of 17 CEMETERY Royal Exchange Buildings Christchurch New BELGIUM Zealand. I.D. 1. WOODFORD Cpl. F.A. 46988. “C” Bty. 108th Bdc. Royal Field Artillery. 6th Oct. 1917. Age 28. Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Woodford, of 49 Lydford Rd. Paddington London. I. DD. 1. W ORSLEY Gnr. W.T .745290. “D” Bty. 17th Bdc. Roval Field Artillery. 21st Jan. 19x8. V. J. 6. WRIGHT Cpl. A. 1550. ist Bn. The Queens. 4th Oct. 1917. II. C. 11 .WRIGHT Pie. Wilfrid John 33342. 41I1 Bn. East Yorkshire Rcgt. attd. 171st Tunnelling Coy. Royal Engineers. 28th Dec. 1917. Age 36. Son of Frcdrick Wright husband of Eliza Wright, of 46 Conglcton Rd. Sandbach Cheshire. Native of Manchester. V. H. 20. WRIGHT Ptc. W.T .11893. 8th Bn. The Queens ist Aug. 1917. II. F. 1. WRIGLEY Ptc. Henr)r 305867. ist/7th Bn. Duke of Wellingtons Regt. 28th Feb. 1918. Age 22. Son of the late John Robert and of Priscilla Wrigley of 121 Redgrave St. Oldham. III. D. 6. YET T S Ptc. Leonard Walter Charles Joseph Muskctt 5935.21 st Bn. Australian Inf. Killed inaction 4th Oct. 1917. Age 42. Son of Charles Muskctt Yctts and Jessie Y etts husband of Margaret A. Yctts of Norton St. Wangaratta Victoria Australia. Native of England. III. A. 5. YOUNG Rfn. James 49957-“ r-B ”Co 4‘ h Bn. 3rd N.Z. (Rifle) Brigade. Killed inaction 16th Feb. 1918. Age 38. Son of Colin and Hannah Young. III. L. 4. TWO HUNDRED AND NINETY -F IV E U N ­IDENTIFIED SOLDIERS of the British and Dominion Forccs of whom 38 arc known to have been Australian and three New Zealand Soldiers arc buried in this Cemetery but chiefly in Plots II III and IV. 31
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