Memorial Register, Belgium 21, WW1, La Clytte Military Cemetery, Reninghelst, Belgium

WIN STANLEY Bmdr. James Alfred 82455. “C” Bty. 87th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. 25th April 1918. Age 30. Son o f John and Emma Winstanley of Salford husband o fAnnie Winstanley of 7 Evans St. Dean Rd. Salford, Manchester. DIV. .31. WINTER Pte. F. SR/2395. 4th Bn. Royal Fusiliers. 27th May 1915. I. E. 20. WITHERS Pte. Walter Stewart 204892. 15th Bn. Hampshire Regt. 9th Aug. 1918. Age 22. Son o f Jean H. Withers o f Harkaway Goodworth, Clatford Hants. and the late Walter Withers. DIV. .10. WOOD Gnr. W. 47778. “D” Bty. 186th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. Killed inaction 27th Sept. 1917. Age 29. Son o f the late A. A. Wood and Betty Backhouse Wood. III. C. 4. WOO LLEY Gnr. E.R. C. 15523. 26th Heavy Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. 29th April 1918. Age 34. Son o f William and Annie Woolley o f 1, Glendevon Cottages Ingcstrc St. Bathside, Harwich. Native o f Dovcrcourt. VI.E. 8. ROW SLEY Sdlr. G .710671. “C” Bty. 298th Bdc. Royal Field Artillery. 22nd Aug. 1917. II. C. 10. W RAY Pte. Leonard 119675. 34th Bn. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 23rd Sept.- 1918. Age 20. Son of Thomas A. and Alice Ann Wray o f 31, Bayswater Avenue Roundhay Rd. Leeds. VI.C. 8. WRIGHT Pte. Anthony 307419. ist/7th Bn. Duke o f Wellingtons Regt. Killed inaction 29th April 1918. Age 24. Son o f the late James and Paulina Wright of Keighley Yorks. V. C. 11. WRIGHT 2nd Lt. Harry William. 1st Bn. Gordon Highlanders. 19th Dec. 1915. Age 26. Son o f the late Henry Wright and o f Esther Wright of 32 Highlands Gardens The Drive, Ilford Essex. C.I. 18. WRIGHT Gnr. Samuel. 100664. “D” Bty. 186th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. 1st Oct. 1917. Age 19. Son o f the late Samuel and Mary Wright, of 10 Glencollyer St. Belfast. III. C. 16. YOUNG Gnr. John 59956. 352nd Siege Bty. INDEX No.B. Royal Garrison Artillery. 25th April 1918. LAC L Y T T E Age 36. Son of Richard Young o f Tonbridge MIL. CEM .husband o fAnnie Elizabeth Young o f 209 BELGIUM Scovell Rd. Southwark London. V. D .9. ZO TO V Spr. Bill 279482. 8th Bn. Canadian Railway Troops. Died o f accidental injuries 17th Oct. 1917. III. E. 6. UNIDENTIFIED SOLDIERS. FORTY-FIVE UNKNOWN BRITISH SOLDIERS arc buried i n :—I.D. 6. V. c. 16. IV. B. 29 to 32. V. c. 18. IV. B. 40. V. D. 10. D.IV. 1. V. D. 15- D.IV. 3- V. D. 27. D.IV. 11. V. D .29. D.IV. 32. V. E. 12(2 burials). D.IV. 43- V. E. 14. D.IV. 46. V. F. 16 and 17. IV. E. 7- V. F. 25. IV. E. 22. VI.A. 1. IV. E. 28. VI. D .9- IV. E. 31 to 34. VI.E. 14. IV. F. 32 and 33. VI. F. 5- V.A. 13- VI. F. 9 and 10. V.B. 2 to 4. VI. F. 13- V.B. 30. ONE UNKNOWN CANAD IAN SOLDIER is buried in :—IV. E. 8. TWO UNKNOWN AUSTRALIAN SOLDIERS arc buried in :—V.B. 13. V. F. 26. ONE UNKNOWN SOUTH AFRICAN SOLDIER is buried in :—V.B. 5.43
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