Memorial Register, Belgium 20, WW1, Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery Ypres, Belgium

DUHALLOW A.D.S. CEMETERY YPRES CEMETERY INDEX NUMB E RB. 20. D U HALLOW Advanced Dressing Station was a medical post about a mile North of the town of Ypres between the Yser Canal and the Ypres- Boesinghe road. Its name is believed to have been taken from that of a Southern Irish Hunt. The Cemetery which was close to the Dressing Station is in the Commune of Ypres and the Province of West Flanders. The Cemetery was begun in July 1917 on the day of the Battle of Pilckem Ridge and Plots Ito IV were completed by November 1918. The graves of October and November 1918 are due to deaths in the nth 36th and 44th Casualty Clearing Stations. Of the 875 burials in the original Plots 215 are those of Artillery officers and men and 77 those of Engineers. In Plot II Row F,are buried 41 men of the 13th Company Labour Corps who were killed on the 9th January 1918 by the explosion (due to a bomb dropped by enemy aircraft) of a truck of salved ammunition. After the Armistice 633 bodies (of which 228 were not identified) were brought into this Cemetery from isolated graves and small Cemeteries on the battlefields NorthEast and South of Ypres including Malakoff Farm Cemetery, Brielen and Fusilier Wood Cemetery Hollcbcke. Malakoff Farm Cemetery contained 33 British graves (13 of which were those of men of the ist/4th York and Lancaster Regt.) dating from April 1915 to July 1917. Fusilier Wood Cemetery (near the “Fusilier dug-outs ”)contained 66 British graves and 1 Australian dating from September 1917 to January 1918. Both these cemeteries were severely shelled in later fighting and Duhallow .S.A.D Cemetery contains memorials to 10 soldiers buried at Malakoff Farm and 30 buried at Fusilier Wood whose graves were thus destroyed. Another memorial has been erected to a soldier of the Loyal North Lancashire Regt. who is believed to be buried in one of the graves marked as unknown. Duhallow A.D.S. Cemetery now contains the graves of 1442 soldiers from the United Kingdom 26 from Canada 13 from Australia 12 from Newfoundland, 6 from New Zealand 3 from South Africa and 2 from the British West Indies 2 French and 2 Belgian soldiers and 52 German prisoners. It covers an area of 6057 square yards. It is bounded on the North and South sides by a hawthorn hedge within a low curb wall on the East side by a wide ditch and on the West side (which is slightly setback from the byroad) a brick wall three feet high coped with stone. It is planted with alders and willows. The Register records particulars of 1504 British and Dominion burials and of the 40 British and Dominion names on the Fusilier Wood and Malakoff Farm memorials.
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