Memorial Register, Belgium 2, WW1, Hop Store Cemetery, Vlamertinghe, Belgium

CEMETERY B.2 TEL FER Ptc. George Turnbull 32793. 9th HOP STORE B11. York and Lancaster Regt. Died of wounds V LAMER TING H E 9th June 1917. Age 35. Son of Mar}' Ann and nrT pTTti f the late Henry Telfer of Morpeth Northumber- 1 land. Plot 1. Row A. Grave 59. TEL —WHI THOMAS Rfn. James Henry 5/351. 3rd Bn. Rifle Brigade. 8th June 1915. Age 23. Son of George and Mar}' Thomas of 141 Church Road, Battersea London. Plot 1. C.Row Grave 11 .THORPE Ptc. Edward Thomas 2343. 5th Bn. Leicestershire Rcgt. Died of wounds 24th July 1915. Age 28. Son of Thomas and Violet Thorpe of 44 Edith Weston Stamford, Rutlandshire. For 13 years carrier and carting contractor between Edith Weston and Stamford. Plot 1. C.Row Grave 27. TILL Gnr. George 75308. 87th Bty. Royal Field Artillery. Killed inaction 24th Sept. 1915. Age 20. Son of Thomas and Elizabeth Jane Till, of Stoke-on-Trent Staffordshire. loP ti. C.Row Grave 4. TIT T E RING TON Scrjt. Robert 9914. ist Bn. Royal Iris'll Fusiliers. Died of wounds 25th May 1915. Age 30. loP ti. RowE. Grave 12. TODD Dvr. C. 21756. 48th Bdc. Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery. 6th Aug. 1915. Plot 1. RowE. Grave 3. TODD Ptc. Stephen 43413. 13th Bn. Durham Light Infantry. 8tli June 1917. Age 30. Son of Southern John and Mar}' Ann Todd of No. 4, Hilton Gainford Darlington. Plot 1. Row A. Grave 49. T O WELLS Serjt. A.R. 90613. 189th Bdc. Royal Field Artillery. 12th June 1917. Age 31. O f Darlington. Plot 1. B.Row Grave 46. TURNER Gnr. Robert 353497- 351st Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. Killed inaction 17th June 1917. Age 28. Son of the late John Foster and Sarah Turner of Durban, Natal South Africa and of Weymouth England, Plot 1. B.Row Grave 50. UPHAM Gnr. Hugh John 90254. 76th Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. Died of wounds 10th July 1917. Age 35. Son of Robert and Ellen Upham of London and husband of Mar­garet Eilen Upham of 42 Waldegrave Road, Hanger Lane Ealing. Plot 1. C.Row Grave 45 WADDLE Pte. F. 8142. 2nd Bn. Durham Light Infantry. 5th Aug. 1915. Age 32. Plot 1. Row GraveD. 8. WADE Lee. Cpl. Joseph 8993. ist Bn. Royal Fusiliers. Died of accidental injuries 30th Aug., 1915. Age 24. Son of George and Elizabeth Wade of 9 Williamson St. Goldenhill. Plot 1. C.Row Grave 9. WAG STAFF Ptc. William 11706. 2nd Bn. Notts and Derby Regt. Killed inaction 26th Oct. 1915. Age 23. Son of Wm. and E. Wagstaft of 19 Paxton St. Gordon Road, Nottingham. Plot 1. Row GraveD. 29. WALLACE Ptc. W.E. 18247. 2nd Bn. York and Lancaster Regt. 30th Oct. 1915. Plot 1. Row GraveD. 31. WARD Pte. William Henry 10568. 5th Bn. Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry. Killed inaction 21st June 1915. Age 21. Son of James and Sarah Ward of 28 Wiflington St. Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Plot 1. C.Row Grave 12. WARD LE Ptc. William 3169. ist/4th Bn. Lincolnshire Rcgt. 14th Aug. 1915. Age 22. Son of Arthur and Harriet Wardle of 6, Tenter Lane Stamford. Plot 1. C.Row Grave 28. WARNER Gnr. William Edward 622230. “B” Bty. 298th Bde. Royal Horse Artillery. Died of wounds 6th June 1917. Age 22. Son of William Alma and Agnes Warner of Church Hall, Kelvcdon Essex. Enlisted voluntarily Sept. 1914. Plot 1. Row A. Grave 37. WEBSTER Spr. Joseph 426859. 422nd (West Lancs.) Field Coy. Royal Engineers. Killed inaction 7th June 1917. Age 38. Son of Isaac and Mary Webster of 6 New Cross St., St. Helens Lancs. Plot 1. Row A. Grave 51. WEST Ptc. Henry 8984. 2nd Bn. Durham Light Infantry. Killed inaction 5th Aug. 1915. Age 31. Of Tyne Dock. Plot 1. RowE. Grave 5. W H ELAN Ptc. Peter 7113. 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Regt. Died of wounds 9th May 1915. Age 39. Son of Peter and Mary Whelan, of Waterford Ireland and husband of Sarah Whelan of 8 Peter St. Waterford Ireland. Served in the South African Campaign. Plot 1. RowE. Grave 21. WHITE Cpl. R.S. 13176. ist Bn. Royal Fusiliers. 9th June 1915. Plot 1. C.Row Grave 13.20
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