Memorial Register, WW1,Hereford and Worcester, Cemeteries and Churchyards in the Counties of Hereford and Worcester

INDEX TO THE REGISTER OF THE GRAVES (The abbreviations shewn in connection with the Area in which the cemeteries are situated indicate County Borough (C.B.) Municipal Borough (M.B.) Urban District (U.D.) and Rural District (R.D .)).HEREFORD SHIRE. AREA. Cemetery Index Number. Hereford Wand orcs. Page Abbey Dore (St. Mary) Churchyard Dore R.D. II 14 Aconbury (St. John the Baptist) Church­ Hereford R.D. -2217 yard. Allensmore (St. Andrew) Churchyard Hereford R.D. -"2317 Almeley (St. Mary) Churchyard Weobley R.D. --9027 Bacton (St. Faith) Churchyard Dore R.D. 1214 Ballingham (St. Dubricius) Churchyard -Ross R.D. -7424 Belmont Abbey (St. Michael) Roman Hereford R.D. --2417 Catholic Churchyard Clehonger Bishopstone (St. Lawrence) Churchyard- Weobley R.D. --9 i 27 Bishopswood (All Saints) Churchyard Ross R.D. -7525 Walford. Blakemere (St. Leonard) Churchyard Weobley R.D. --9227 Bodenham (St. Michael) Churchyard Leominster and 6223 Bolstonc (St. John of Jerusalem) Church­ Wigmore R.D. Hereford R.D. --2518 yard. Bosbury (Holy Trinity) Churchyard Ledbury R.D.-- 5i 21 Brampton Abbotts (St. Michael) Church­ Ross R.D. -7625 yard. Bredenbury (St. Andrew) Churchyard Bromyard R.D. -313 Bredwardine (St. Andrew) Churchyard- Bredwardine R.D. 113 Breinton (St. Michael) Churchyard -Hereford R.D .-2618 Brimfield (St. Michael) Churchyard Leominster and 6323 Bromyard Cemetery- Wigmore R.D. Bromyard .DU .-1014 Broxwood (Holy Family) Roman Catholic Kington R.D. --4420 Cemetery Pembridge. Burghill (St. Mary) Churchyard Hereford R.D. --2718 Byton (St. Mary) Churchyard Kington R.D. --4520 Castle Frome (St. Michael) Churchyard- Ledbury R.D. --5221
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