Memorial Register, Warwickshire 1-25, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in The County Borough of Birmingham

MORGAN Spr. YV. H .502097. 23rd Signal Coy .Royal Engineers. 21st March 1919. Age 48. Husband of Charlotte Morgan of 54 Upper Thom asSt. Aston. PAT T IS O N Ptc. L.A. S/441196. 311th H.T .Co}\ Royal Arm}? Service Corps. 14th Feb .1919. PRICE P te.E .21470. 1st B11. Worcester­ shire R egt. 29th D cc. 1919. ROLL A SON Cpl. George Thomas 8065. 1st B n .Royal Welch Fusiliers transf. to (331861) Lab our C o s.ip 26th April 1921. Age 35. Husband of Elizabeth Jones (formerly R ollason) of 168 D ovedale Rd., Erdington. ROOK E R P te. Ernest James 34205. 1st Bn. Worcestershire R egt. 24th Feb .1917. Age 39. Husband of Annie Jane Rooker of 170 Church Lane Aston. Extension. SCOTT P tc. G .6637. O xf. and Bucks Inf.Light 3rd March 1916. Age 34. Son of George Albert Scott husband of Lily Matthews (formerly Scott) of it Pool St. Aston. S RAH PA.M .III. Charles 189952. R o ya lAir Force. 19th June 1918. Age 19. Son of Charles and A d a Sharp of 239 B'evington R d .,Aston. S HEP HERD Serjt. Albert Alfred 39970. 13th B n .York and Lancester R egt. 29th Oct. 1917. Age 32. Son of Ellen Foster (formerly Shepherd) of 1/64 Upper Thom asSt. Aston, and the late James Shepherd husband of the late Ada Shepherd. SMITH P te. Samuel Thomas Kimberley 3847. 9th B n .Royal W arw ickshire R egt. Died of meningitis 20th Dec. 1914. Age 21. Son of Mr. and Mrs. A .Smith of 53 Cheshire R d .,W itton Birmingham .TAYLOR P tc. J. H .2516. 3rd .nB Glouces­ tershire R egt. 25th Feb .1920. Age 47. Husband of Frances Sarah Taylor of 187 TameR d W . itton Birmingham .WHILE G nr. J . A .213051. "W” B Royalty. Garrison Artillery. 16th Oct. 1918. B IR HAMMING (BRAND WOOD END )CEMETERY is at King sHeath between the Alcester and Redditch roads. It was opened in 1897 b they then Kings Norton Urban District Council and overtaken b they Birmingham Corporation when Kings Norton was absorbed. It covers 54 acres of which 43 are now out.laid) It contains 105 scattered War Graves and a War Cross is erected in a central position with screen walls to record the names of those over whose graves head­stones are not erected. ABEL P te. F . S/8228. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 2nd Aug .1919. B .1.1015. ADAMS G nr. William 279338(4338). Royal Garrison Artillery. 20th June 1915. Age 44 Husband of Olive Agnes Bruce (formerly Adams) of 65 MaySt. Balsall Heath Bir­mingham. B .2.544. A L A BASTER 2nd Lt. Frederick Clifford." C ”Coy. 5th B11. Royal W arw ickshire R egt. Died of wounds 25th Aug .1916. Age 29. Son of Arthur and Catherine Alabaster of 2, A m esbury R d .Moseley Birmingham .A. 2 " C .”257. A TENT BOROUGH P tc. James 2578. ist/sth B11. Royal W arw ickshire R egt. 22nd Aug .,1916. B .1“ U .”704. BARNACLE Gnr. Harry 152886. 3rd Depot, Royal Garrison Artillery nth June 1917. Age 29. Son of Mrs. Barnacle of 29 Middle­ ton R d .Kings Heath Birmingham. B .1“ U .”795- B A TERR T P te. Ernest 7686. 13th n.B Australian Inf. 8th Feb .1921. C .1“ C .”1248. BEN NETT Lee. Cpl. Victor M 2/133354. M.T .Royal Army Service Corps. 13th Sept., 1916. B .2" C .”734. B E R WICK P te.E. S/24026. 14th B11. Gloucestershire R e gt. transf. to (427770) 440th Agricultural Coy .Lab our Corps. Died of wounds (gas) 24th Dec. 1919. Age 27. Son of John B erw ick. C .1“ C .”494. s
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