Memorial Register, Warwickshire 1-25, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in The County Borough of Birmingham

BIRMINGHAM. THE County Borough of Birmingham contains 1696 War Graves in 2$ Cemeteries and Churchyards. They maybe analysed as follows :—Soldiers o f United Kingdom units- M 43 Royal Air Force -------57 Australian Imperial Force -----52 Royal Navy 47 Overseas Military Forces of Canada ---46 German Army 14 Royal Marines -------10 New Zealand Expeditionary Force ---8 Australian Flying Corps -----4 Territorial Force Nursing Service 3 Belgian Army -------3 Womens Royal Air Force -----2 Indian Army (British Officer) 1 South African Overseas Expeditionary Force 1 Royal Newfoundland Regiment 1 Voluntary Aid Detachments -----1 Australian War Worker I Australian Red Cross ------1 United States Army -----1 O f the British soldiers 298 belonged to the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, whose 5th 6th and 8th Battalions had. their Headquarters at Birmingham and two to the Warwickshire Yeomanry. The Regiment sent sixteen Battalions to service overseas and lost over 11000 dead. The Warwickshire Yeomanry served on Gallipoli in Egypt and Palestine and in France and Flanders and the Warwickshire Royal Horse Artillery served in France and Flanders from October, 1914 to 1919. _ _ _ __________ _ _ Four important hospitals (besides many smaller) were posted at Birmingham :the 1st Southern General (3532 beds) in the University and other buildings with a section at Stourbridge the 2nd/ist Southern General (1800 beds) in the Dudley Road Infirmary and in billets the 1st Birmingham War Hospital (1000 beds) at Rubery Hill Asylum and the 2nd Birmingham War Hospital (927 beds) at Hollymoor Asylum. The City War Memorial is the Hall of Memory on the road to Harborne. The Registers record particulars of 1678 War Graves.
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