Memorial Register, Oxfordshire 1-108, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in Oxfordshire

ELL Pte. Alfred Christian 25436. 12th Bn. Duke of Cornwalls Inf.Light Died of wounds 3rd March 1917. Age 37. Son of George Alfred and Frances Ell of New Wigginton, Banbury. Born at Deddington. FRENCH Pte. William Loder 35. nth Bn. Australian Inf. Died of sickness 10th Feb. 1916. Age 25. Son of William Joseph and Emily French of Council St. Deddington. WHEELER Pte. B . 5236S7. Training School, Canadian Army Medical Corps. 18th Nov. 1916. KIDDING TON (ST. NICHOLAS) CHURCH YARD. K ITCHING Gnr. Arthur Samuel 40738. 336th Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. 8th Feb. 1919. Age 23. Son of Samuel and Sarah Rebecca Kitching of Fern Cottage, Westcote Oxford. Born at Wheatfield Thame. K IDLING TON (ST. MARY) CHURCH YARD .CLARKE Rfn. H. W . S/20928. The Rifle Brigade. 2nd June 1918. D ORR ELL Pte. William 5453. Royal Defence Corps. 24th Dec. 1916. Age 50. Husband of Edith Emily Dorrell of 5 Cross St. St. Clements Oxford. WHITE Clr. Serjt. E „19748. 3rd Bn. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light 17th Oct. 1916. SAND FORD ST. MARTIN (ST. MARTIN) CHURCH YARD. W ARR Pte. W . H .8/17671. 37th Training Reserve Bn. 24th April 1917. Age 18. Son of Spencer and Susan Warr of Ledwell Sand- ford St. Martin Oxford. STEEPLE BARTON (ST. MARY) CHURCH YARD .CON STABLE Pte. J .2955. 4th Bn. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light 19th Feb. 1917. SMITH Pte. J. E .203341. ist/4th B11. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light 23rd July 1919. Age 35. Husband of Ethel Smith of Middle Barton, Oxford. TACKLE (ST.Y NICHOLAS) CHURCH YARD .BLOOM FIELD Pte. WE. .67397. 6th Bn. Worcestershire Regt. Died of sickness 12th Nov. 1918. Age 30. Son of George and Harriett Bloomfield husband of Ellen Bloomfield of Nethercote Tackley. Born at Nethercote. W OOTTON (ST. M A RY) CHURCH YARD .BOWLER Dvr. Henry T/386409. 2nd Reserve H.T .Coy. Royal Army Service Corps. 8th June 1919. Age 43. Husband of Agnes Amelia Bowler of Wootton. BROOKS Pte. James 202017. 4th Reserve Bn. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light 17th June 1918. Age 42. Son of Thomas and Emily Brooks of Wootton. DAWSON Pte. W . G .R.M .A./2i37(S). H.Q. (Eastney) Royal Marine Artillery. 5th Dec. 1916. Age 19. Son of Herbert and Jane Elizabeth Dawson of Wootton. YARN TON (ST. BARTHOLOMEW )CHURCH YARD .BY LES Lee. Bmdr. W .J. 17294. “B” Bty. Royal Field Artillery. 6th April 1916. Near S.W .corner of Churchyard. 34
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