Memorial Register, WW1, Gosport Ann's Hill and Haslar Royal Naval Cemeteries, Alverstoke St Mark Churchyard, Hampshire

INDEX No. DOW NES Worker C.F. Australian Munitions. HAMPSHIRE 4 3rd Aug. 19x7. 50.23387. GOSPORT (ANNS EAR WICKER Ptc. A.V. 24936. 4th Bn. HILL CEM . R0yai Warwickshire Regt. 13th May 1917. Age 25. Son of Henry and Elizabeth Earwickcr, of 46 San Diego Rd. Forton Gosport Hants. 81.23321. EDWARDS Ptc. LE. .23876. 1st (Garrison) Bn. Hampshire Regt. 14th July 1916. Age 31.48.22974. E N RIGHT Spr. W. F. 59922. Postal Section Royal Engineers. 5th April 1915.35.22507. THEE RIDGE Dvr. John Philips 172972. Royal Field Artillery. 16th Nov. 1918. Age 25. Son of John Philips Etheridge of 8 Blakcs Building Rachel St. Gosport Hants. 39.23880. FEN NELL S.Q.M. Scrjt. W. J. S2/SR/03911. Royal Army Service Corps. 5th Oct. 1917. Age 57. Son of George and Christina Fennell of Reading husband of Mary Fennell of 37, Hartington Rd. Gosport Hants. 37.23433. FLORY Lee. Cpl. Arthur John PO/2260. R.M .L.I. Died of influenza 14th Feb. 1919. Age 56. Husband of Mrs. Margaret Flory of 17, Mill Lane Forton Rd. Gosport Hants. 47.23990. FLORY Bglr. Frederick Cornclious PO/16521. " C ”Coy. R.M .L.I. H .M.S.“ Queen.” Died of accidental injuries 25th Oct. 1915. Age 18. Son of Mrs. Margaret Flory of 17 Mill Lane, Forton Rd. Gosport Hants and the late Arthur Flory. 47.22698. FOLEY Ptc. W. S/5923. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 17th Nov. 1918.39.23881. FRAN KH A M A.Lt. A. Royal Garrison Artillery. 17th Feb. 1919.39.23995. FROST Pnr. Alfred Benjamin 366681. Tyne Electrical Engineers Royal Engineers. 25th Sept., 1918. Age 18. Son of Alber Sidney and Hannah Jane Frost of 15 Grove Rd. South, Hardway Gosport Hants. 38.23757. MAG BLEN Shipwrt. 1st Cl. F. 148040 (PO).R.N. H .M.S.“ Bayano.” nth March 1915.50.22631. GEAR Y Ptc. J. x i8 n . 3rd Bn. Hampshire Regt. 27th May 1915.47.22576. G ID DINGS Cpl. Thomas Newson 13731. 28th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps. 5th May 1916. Age 28. Husband of Ethel Giddings of 7, Roberts Rd. Lciston Suffolk. 48.22899. GOWER Pte. J. PO/15138. R.M .L.I. H.M .S. “Malaya.” 10th June 1916. Age 29. Son of Arthur Thomas and Elizabeth Ann G ow er husband of Alice Gower of 6 Upper Mill Lane, Gosport Hants. 48.22938. HAIR Ldg. Tel. G. J/9972 (PO).R.N. H .M.S. “Conquest.” 28th March 1916. Age 21. Son of Gilbert and Florence Hair o f 82 Avenue Rd. Gosport Hants. 51.22867. HARRIS Spr. C.R. 518666. ist/6th Hants Electric Light Coy. Royal Engineers. 6th Feb. 1918. Age 21. Son of Thomas and Amelia Harris ”of“ Dunheved Cambridge Rd. Lee-on- thc-Solent Hants. 53.23542. HARRISON 2nd Lt. C. 186th Sqdn. Royal Air Force. 3rd May 1919.51.24112. HEMMING S Ptc. A. 7446. 1st Bn. Dorsetshire Regt. 15th June 1915. Husband of the late Mrs. A. Hemmings. 47.22598. HUG GINS Pte. William PO/12926. R.M .L.I. 23rd April 1918. Age 33. Son of William and Elizabeth Huggins husband of Daisy Elizabeth Huggins of 15 Ferrol Rd. Gosport Hants. Born at Egham Surrey. Served at Zcebrugge on H.M .S. “Vindictive.” 38.23626. HUTCH IN SON Pte. Thomas PO/21149. R.M .L.I. 8th April 1920. Age 55. Son of George and Thirza Hutchinson of Nottingham husband of Emily R. Hutchinson of 33 Durham St. Gosport Hants. 69.24415. IL S L E Y Cpl. W. R. 11473. Hampshire Regt. 13th Aug. 1920. Age 37. Son of Mrs. A. Pestell husband of Emily Ilsley of n Cleveland Rd., Gosport Hants. 131.24519. JACK 2nd Lt. C.H. Highland Inf.Light and Royal Flying Corps. 1st Sept. 1916.30.23006. JENKINS 2nd Lt. C.R. Gen. List and Royal Flying Corps. 2nd Dec. 1917.50.23488. JENKINS Pte. William Henry PO/9389. R.M .L.I. 9th March 1916. Age 48. Son of John and Ann Jenkins husband of Chloris Jenkins. 2.22837. KERM ODE Pte. J. F. 25817. 3rd Bn. Hamp­shire Regt. 30th Nov. 1916. Age 22. Son of Mrs. Amelia E. Giles o f 51 Norman Rd. Gosport, Hants. Born at Peel Isle-of-Man. 81.25085.3
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