Memorial Register Great Britain WW1, St Mary Churchyard Bramshott, St Joseph Roman Catholic Churchyard Grayshott, Hampshire

BRAMSHOTT (ST. MARY) CHURCHYARD CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER HAM PSH IRE 2. GRAYSHOTT (ST. JOSEPH) ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCHYARD CEMETERY INDEX NUMBER HAM PSH IRE 3. B RAM SHOT T is a village and parish in the North-Eastern corner of Plampshire on the main London-Portsmouth road. It is a mile and a half North of Liphook station on the Southern (London and South-Western) Railway line to Portsmouth. Grayshott the next village and parish to the North, adjoins the Surrey border. Both villages lie on the Southern slope of the North Downs under Hindhead. From the autumn o f 1915 to October 1919 a Canadian Training Centre was placcd in the open country on both sides of the Portsmouth road between the turnings to Grayshott and to Bramshott and the soldiers who died in No. 12 Canadian General Hospital which served the camp were buried in Bramshott Churchyard or(in the case of Roman Catholic soldiers) in the Churchyard of St. Josephs Church at the West end of Grayshott. The first burials at Bramshott took place in Plot I which is part of the original Churchyard but in time it became necessary to enlarge the Churchyard and an extension (Plots II and III) was formed. The War Graves number in all 332. O f these 318 are those o f Canadian soldiers 13 are those of British soldiers, and one is Australian. The original Churchyard at Bramshott and the Eastern side of the extension are bounded wallaby and the West and South sides of the extension by a hedge. The ground slopes slightly Westward from the Church. Maple trees are planted along the East side of the extension and on the same side of it between Plots II and III is the War Cross which was dedicated on Sunday the 24th April 1921. The Register of Bramshott Churchyard records particulars o f 333 British and Dominion burials. The War Graves in Grayshott Roman Catholic Churchyard lie in three rows at the East end of the Church facing West. Between them and the road is a large Crucifix “Erected by Canadian comrades and friends.” The Register of Grayshott Roman Catholic Churchyard records particulars of 95 Canadian burials.
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