Memorial Register Great Britain WW1, St Mary Churchyard Bramshott, St Joseph Roman Catholic Churchyard Grayshott, Hampshire

INDEX NUMBER HANTS 3 GRAYSH OTT ROY Ptc. E.A. 3083917. 20th (Reserve) Bn. Canadian Inf. (Qucbcc Rcgt.). 14th Aug. 1918. B. 3. RYAN Ptc. George Eathcn 3030727. 8th (Reserve) Bn. Canadian Inf. (2nd Central Ontario Rcgt.). 16th Feb. 1919. Age 27. Son of Thomas Peter and Bridget Lena Ryan of North Dana Mass. U.S.A. B. 17. STE. MARIE Ptc. Simeon 243615. 206th Bn. Canadian Inf. (Quebec Rcgt.). 15th June 1918. Age 42. Son of Amablc Stc. Marie and Sophie Chaput his wife husband of Mary Elizabeth Birmingham Stc. Marie of Hochclaga Montreal. B. 9. SCIIILL Ptc. Lambert 4090081. 1st (Depot) Bn. Canadian Inf. (Saskatchewan Rcgt.). 28th April 1918. B. 11. TA ILLO N Ptc. C.E. 660439. ioth (Reserve) Bn. Canadian Inf. (Qucbcc Regt.). Died of pneumonia 20th Oct. 1917. Age 27. Husband of Antoinette B. Taillon of 506 Napoleon St. East Montreal. Native of St. Esprit Montcalm Co. Province of Qucbcc. A. 14. TH IBA ULT Pte. A. 4040224. 5th Canadian Mounted Rifles (Quebcc Rcgt.). 21st Feb. 1919. C. 16. VIGNEUX Ptc. A. 3168994. ioth (Reserve) Bn. Canadian Inf. (Quebcc Regt.). 3rd Nov. 1918. Son of Henri Vigneux of Roxton Falls Qucbcc. C. 04. WALKER C.S.M. C. 63945. 23rd (Reserve) Bn. Canadian Inf. (Qucbcc Rcgt.). 7th April 1918. Son of Helen Walker o f Nether Auchcock Brucklay Maud Aberdeenshire, Scotland. B. 13. W ILCE Ptc. G.T .2393432. 12th (Reserve) B11. Canadian Inf. (1st Central Ontario Regt.). 24th March 1918. B. 15. W ITHEROW Pte. W. 478022. Depot Royal Canadian Regt. (formerly Duke of Cornwall’s Inf.).Light Died of bronchitis 13th Nov. 1918. Age 40. Son of Stephen and Kate Witherow, of 13 Havelock Rd. Wimbledon London, England. Served in the South African Campaign. C. 07.26
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The document titled Memorial Register Great Britain WW1, St Mary Churchyard Bramshott, St Joseph Roman Catholic Churchyard Grayshott, Hampshire is beneath this layer.

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