Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in the South Western part of the County of Southampton

TUT T Pte. Thomas Robert T/2260. ist/5th Bn. The Buffs. Died o f wounds 29th Jan. 1917. Age 43. Son o f George and MaryAnn T u tt husband o f Clara Tutt o fLees Cottage Yalding, Kent. Born at Yalding. Served in the Tirah Campaign 1897-8 and in the South African Campaign. C.E. 1S94. TYLER Ptc. Theodore 803219. 2nd Bn. Ginadian Inf. (Eastern Ontario Rcgt.). Died of wounds 4th Oct. 1918 .Age 18. Son of M r.and Mrs. Tyler o f Toledo Ohio U .S.A.N .411. UNDER HILL Ptc. Henry 6764. nth Bn. Royal Warwickshire Rcgt. 21st Aug. 1916. C.E. 1839. UNDERWOOD Cpl. Frank 9522. ist Bn. Manchester Rcgt. Died o f wounds 21st March 1915 .Age 25. Son o f Mrs. Elizabeth E. Scott, o f 59 Harris St. Southampton St. Camberwell, London. C.E. 1673. U R Q U HART Gnr. Robert Leslie Gibson 21112 .Australian Field Artillery. Died o f wounds 3rd Oct. 1918 .Age 33. Son o f Donald and Mary Sibbald Urquhart o f 48 James St. Perth, Western Australia. Born at Victoria Australia.N .409. VEAL Ptc. .H.F G/8828. 4th Bn. Middlesex Rcgt. 14th Jan. 1915 .C.E. 1657. VESSEL Pte. G .53294. 9th Bn. Gloucestershire Regt. 18th March 1919 .C.E. 2007. VINCENT Rfn. C.G .1191. 8th Bn. Hamp­shire Rcgt. 9th Jan. 1916 .C.E. 1777. VINCENT Ptc. Oswald Owen 10096.“ B ”Coy. 2nd Bn. Royal Sussex Regt. Died of wounds rcccived in France 23rd Oct. 1914. Age 18. Son o f Mrs. MaudE .Moore o f 70, Grove Rd. Eastbourne. C.E. 1612. V O C KINS Pte. C.F .71. Royal Canadian Dragoons. 3rd Aug. 1915 .C.E. 1715 .VOW LER Lt. John Arthur Geoffrey. Leinster Rcgt. attd. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 19th July 1917 .Age 20. Son o f Francis Simcoc Vowler and Ellen Franccs Anne Vowler of Edymead House Launceston Cornwall. Officers .1917 .VOW LES Pte. Phillip Charles 996. 9th Bn. Australian Inf. 2nd Oct. 1915. Age 29. Son o f Charles and Eliza Jane Vowles o f 2 1 Steven’s Crescent Totterdown Bristol England. Bom at Winford Somerset. C.E. 1735. WAKE FIELD Lt. F.M .Dorset Yeomanry, and Machinc Gun Corps (Inf.). 2nd Jan. 1919. Officers. 1999. LAW LING Pte. J. 20853. 8th Bn. Devonshire Rcgt. 24th Sept. 1916 .C.E. 1857. WALLIS Lee. Cpl. W .10466. ist Bn. The Cameronians (Sco. R if.). 9th Sept. 1916 .C.E .1845. WALSH Ptc. R .4250.“ B ”Coy. ist Bn. Irish Guards. Died o f wounds 18th Dec. 1914. Age 23. Son o f Patrick and Mary Walsh o f 9, Green St. Callan Co. Kilkenny. .CR .822. WARNER Pnr. S. 24379. Reserve Signal Coy. Royal Engineers ist Oct. 1914 .Son of Mr. W. Warner o f Church St. Stanwick Wellingborough. C.E. 1595. W A T KIN Ptc. J. 8985. Depot Lincolnshire Regt. 18th Jan. 1915 .Age 23. Son o f Mrs. J. Watkin o f 7 Council Houses Holbcach Lincs. N .325. WATKINS Pte. A .26253.5 Bn. Oxf. and Bucks Inf.Light 19th Oct. 1917. N .397. WATSON Rfn. Christopher S/7597. 4^ Bn. The Rifle Brigade. 20th Aug. 1915 .Age 37. Son o f Elizabeth Coombcs (formerly Watson) of 17J Peabody Buildings Glasshouse St. London Docks and the late Thomas Watson. C.E. 1718 .WATSON Pte. Harry 10382. Depot West Yorkshire Rcgt. Died o f wounds received at Gallipoli 27th Aug. 1915 .Age 19. Son of Jane Watson o f 15 Victoria Terrace Studley St., Holderness Rd. Hull and the late James Watson. C.E. 1719 .WATSON Pte. T .8165. 3rd Bn. West York­shire Regt. 26th Oct. 1914 .C.E .1615 .WEBSTER Pte. C .22963. Royal Welch Fusiliers. 24th July 1916. Husband o f Nellie Webster o f 20 Eagle St. Holborn London. C.E. 1821. WEBSTER Pte. G.S S /12122 .No. 1 Labour Coy. Royal Army Service Corps. 15th June 1917. C.E. 1914. WEEKS Ptc. E .11686. 2nd Bn. South Wales Borderers. 4th Dec. 1915 .C.E. 1762. W H EELD O N Pnr. C n 1233.. 2nd Labour Bn. Royal Engineers. 13th Jan. 1916. C.E. 1778.60
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