Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Aldershot Military Cemetery, Hampshire

INDEX No. H.i BAKER Pte. C.F. 8346. 1st Bn. Lincolnshire ALDERSHOT Regt. 9th Nov. 1914. AF. 1748. r r liT T C T v BAKER Lee. Bmdr. Henry James Walter 56693. 57th Bty. 37th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. 22nd June 1920. Age 30. Husband of Elizabeth Baker of 45 Gistle St. HillTop West Bromwich, Staffs. AF. 2185. BAKER Ptc. J. W. 4077. Army Pay Office (Aldershot). Army Pay Corps. 19th March 1915. AF. 1835. BANVILLE Spr. J. A. 2678783. 2nd C.E.R.B. Canadian Engineers. 24th Oct. 1918. V. C12. BARFORD Serjt. Edward Henry SE/7177. 3rd Reserve Veterinary Hospital Royal Army Veterinary Corps. 23rd Nov. 1918. Age 39. Husband of Grace Maud Barford of 28 Williams Rd. West Ealing London. AF. 2138. BARKER Dvr. A. J. T1/SR/488. No. 1 Coy. Royal Army Servicc Corps. 13th Dec. 1915. Brother of Mr. E. Barker of 2 Villicrs St., Uxbridge Middx. AF. 1942.M. BARKLEY Pte. C.F. 633443. x56th Bn. Canadian Inf. 21st March 1917. V. Cl. BARNES Q.M.S. William Albert 1105 Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. Army Pay Office (Aldershot). Royal Army Pay Corps. 21st July 1920. Age 42. Son of Edward and Sarah Barnes of Salisbury husband of Mrs. E. Barnes, of 57 Perowne St. Aldershot. AF. 2188. BARNETT Capt. Bertram Leeds Thomas. Royal Army Scrvice Corps. iSth April 1915. Age 39. Son of Thomas and Sarah Barnett of“ Holm Leas” Worthing Sussex. B.A. M.B., Camb. M.R.C.S. M.R.C.P. Solicitor. AH. 338. BATT Gnr. Ii. 182027. Royal Field Artillery, transf. to Ptc. (526538) 677th Home Scrvice Employment Coy. Labour Corps. 9th Nov., 19x8. AF. 2131.' BATT Ptc. H. H. 2184558. Canadian Forestry Corps. 20th Nov. 1918. AA. C49. BATTY Pte. W. S/255105. “ K ”Coy. Royal Army Servicc Corps. 8th Jan. 1917. Husband of Mrs. A.H. Batty of 27 Autumn St. Burley Lodge Rd. Leeds. AF. 2040. BEARD Pte. A. J. T4/036184. 210th Reserve Park Royal Army Servicc Corps. 2nd Jan. 1915. Age 28. Son of Anthony Edwin Beard of Lower Guiting Cheltenham Glos. AF. 1784. BEAVEN C.Q.M.S. Alfred T/14191. 1st Horse Transport Coy. Royal Army Scrvice Corps. Died of heart disease 3rd Feb. 1917. Age 32. Son of Alfred and Lydia Beaven of Aldershot husband of Constance Beavcn of 93 Mount St., Whitley Reading. Served in the South African Campaign. AF. 2046. BENNETT Pte. N.B. M2/050794. 621st Coy. Royal Army Scrvice Corps. 7th Jan. 1916. Husband of Mrs. M.A. Chapman (formerly Bennett) of 16 Dagmar Rd. Camberwell, London. AF. 1955. BENNETT Dvr. J. E. T/34338. No. 1 Coy. (Aldershot) Royal Army Scrvice Corps. 12th Feb. 1915. Son of Mrs. M. Bennett of 27, Upper Richmond Rd. Putney London. R. 302. BENNETT Cpl. R. T3/027725. 434th Coy. Royal Army Scrvice Corps. 24th Jan. 1918. Husband of Mrs. M. Bennett of 2 Lark Hill Lane, Club Moor Liverpool. AF. 2087. BERRY Pte. Robert Charles TR/10/171023. “ B ”Coy. 53rd Bn. Middlesex Regt. 26th Oct. 1918. Age 18. Son of Mr. F. G. and Mrs. A. Berry of 28 Howard Rd. Cricklewood London. Native of Lambeth London. AF. 2122. BERTRAND Pte. H. 37799. 3rd Reserve Regt. of Cavalry. 16th Aug. 1917. AF. 2075. BIRCI-IALL Spr. W. 104421. E.T.C. (Newark) Royal Engineers nth May 1916. AF. 1991. BIRD Capt. William Gustave. Royal Army Scrvicc Corps. Died of pneumonia 7th Feb., 1920. Age 29. Son of Dorothea Pauline Blcnkiron (formerly Bird) of 39 Clarence Gate Gardens Regents Park London and the late Frederick Ernest Bird husband of Pearl Bird. AG. 403. BIZIOU -Lt. Henry Arthur Richard D.F.C. R.A.E. (Experimental Sqdn.) Royal Air Force. 14th July 1919. Age 22. Son of E.A. and Mary Jane Biziou (nee Upton) of “Maisonette,” North Famborough Hants. AG. 400. BLACK Cpl. R. 3909. 178th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 15th March 1917. AF. 2055. BLAKE Ptc. C. P. 629549. 47th Bn. Canadian Inf. (Western Ontario Regt.). 2nd Feb. 1916. AF. 1963.
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