Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Aldershot Military Cemetery, Hampshire

TI-IE REGISTER OF THE GRAVES. ADAMS Gnr. Charles William 107637. 184th Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. 28th April, 1918. Age 38. Son of the late John and Sarah Adams husband of Florence Elizabeth Adams, of 12 Gordon Rd. Aldershot Hants. AF. 2099. AITKEN Lee. Cpl. William Fyfc S/8958. 7th (Dep6t) Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 17th Oct. 1918. Age 28. Son of Richard Aitken, of Glasgow husband of Mrs. M.I. Aitken of Station Villa Fleet Hants. AF. 2112. ALLATT Col. Henry Thomas Ward. Special List and Duke of Cornwalls Inf.Light Died 8th May 1916. Age 69. Son of Christopher John Robert and Mary Elizabeth Allatt husband of Constance Margaret Allatt of 1 Clifton Crescent, Folkestone. Rejoined Aug. 1914. AH. 305. ALLDAY Ptc. G. B. TR/10/183742. 53rd Bn. Royal Sussex Regt. 18th Oct. 1918. Age 18. Son of George Benjamin and Jane Elizabeth Allday of 20a Petersfield Rd. Acton London. AF. 2113. ALLEN Lee. Cpl. Stewart Henry L/5807. Xllth Royal Lancers. 26th Sept. 1914. Age 26. Son of Annie Buckle (formerly Allen) of 36a, Lewis Buildings Ixworth Place Chelsea London, and the late James Allen. AF. 1721. ALLEN Rfn. W. B/252. 7th Bn. The Rifle Brigade. 29th Sept. 1914. Age 47. Son of Fred Allen husband of Alice Edith Allen of 3 Court 7 House Adam St. Birmingham. AF. 1718. ANDERSEN Ptc. A.M. 3033150. 3rd (Reserve) Bn. Canadian Inf. 7th April 1918. Age 20. Son of Claudy B.and Johanne W.E. Andersen, of 319 Walnut St. Atlantic Iowa U.S.A. AA. C24. ANDERSON Dvr. J. 34938. t 2i Div. Am­munition Col. Royal Field Artillery. 4th Sept., 1915. AF. 1916. ANDERSON Pte. P. 16750. 6th Bn. Royal Scots Fusiliers. 4th March 1915. Age 19. Son of Christian and Dinah Anderson of 4, George St. Leith. AF. 1824. ANDERSON Ptc. Reginald William Christie, S4/070893. “ A ”Coy. Royal Army Service Corps. 13th April 1915. Age 39. Son of Robert and Isabella Margaret Anderson husband of Edith Elizabeth Anderson ('nee Pcarse). Born at Fraserburgh Aberdeenshire. AF. 1846. ANDREWS Capt. A. A. nth Bn. Hampshire Regt. 16th Oct. 1918. AG. 375. ANDREWS Lieut. Comdr. H.G. R.N.V.R., 2nd Reserve Bn. R.N. Div. 22nd Nov. 1918. AG. 391. ANNETTS Pte. Edward Walter S/361896. Royal Army Service Corps. Died of enteritis 24th Dec. 1919. Age 29. Son of Edward and Emma Annctts of Winterslow Common husband of Martha Annctts of Middle Winterslow, Salisbury Wilts. AE. 368. APPLETON Capt. Henry Metcalfe. King’s Dragoon Guards. 26th Jan. 1918. Age 43. Son of Henry and Georgina Appleton. AG. 369. ARGYLE Ptc. Albert James 21022. 6th Supply Coy. ist/5th Bn. Hampshire Regt. Died of accidental injuries 1st Aug. 1915. Age 44. Son of James and Julia Argyle of 44 Oxford St., Daventry Northants husband of Helen Argyle, of 5 Station Rd. Freshwater Isle of Wight. Served in the South African Campaign. AF. 1905. ARROWSMITH Pte. H. 3699. Staffordshire Yeomanry. 4th April 1916. AF. 1980. ASHTON Dvr. James T2/016618. 119th Coy. Royal Army Service Corps. 3rd May 1915. Age 36. Son of Robert and Sarah Ashton husband of Ellen J. Ashton of 51 Hyde Rd., Southgate Rd. London N.i. AF. 1866. ATHERTON Pte. F. W. 26466. 17th Bn. Welch Regt. 9th March 1916. Native of Liverpool. AF. 1971. AYRES Ptc. W.T. 18282. 3rd Reserve Regt. of Cavalry. 7th Sept. 1914. Brother of Mrs. S. Allen of 54 Linford Rd. Wood St. Waltham­ stow London. AF. 1715. INDEX No. H.i ALDERSHOT MILITARY CEMETERY 7
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