Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Aldershot Military Cemetery, Hampshire

WOOLLEY Pte. J. 22507. 14th Supply Coy. 5th Bn. The Kings Liverpool Rcgt. 26th Dec. 1915. AF. 1950. WOOLSEY Serjt. WE. 19548. 1st (Royal) Dragoons. 25th Nov. 1918. Age 34. Son of Mrs. H. Sheldrake of High St. Kintbury, Hungerford. R. 354. WREN Ptc. A. 15665. 21st Bn. Middlesex Rcgt. 10th April 1916. Husband of Mrs. A.V. Burley (formerly Wren) of 67 Queens Cottages Poplam St. Islington London. AF. 1983. WRIGHT Pte. E. 22197. 32nd Bn. Royal Fusiliers. 22nd Jan. 1916. AF. i960. WRIGHT Ptc. J. E. 69409. 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. 30th Jan. 1920. Age 19. Son of Helen Wild (formerly Wright) of 12 Woodbine Place Oldham Rd. Rochdale and the late Ashley Wright. AF. 2171. WRIGHT Lt. Leonard Reginald. 1st (T) Wireless School 26th Wing Royal Air Force. Died of pneumonia 23rd Oct. 1918. Age 23. Son of Philip Robert and Emmeline Wright, of 4 Greenbank Rd. Birkenhead. AG. 373. WRIGHT S.M. P.A.M. S/20769. “ A ”Coy. INDEX No. H.i Royal Army Servicc Corps. 25th Oct. 1918. ALDERSHOT Husband of Mrs. J. E. Wright of Elmslcigh House MILITARY St. Georges Rd. Aldershot. AF. 2119. CEMETERY WYATT Cpl. James Richard SS/4335. Labour Sect. (Aldershot) Royal Army Service Corps. Died of heart failure 29th May 1915. Native of Plaistow London. AF. 1879. WYATT Pte. John Henry SS/7274. Labour Scct. (Aldershot) Royal Army Scrvicc Corps. Died of pneumonia 31st March 1915. Age 39. Son of Emma Wyatt of 1 First St. Chelsea London husband of Edith Frances Brewer (formerly Wyatt) of 2 Wiltshire Rd. Brixton London. AF. 1843. YATES Dvr. A. T4/042630. 220th Coy. Royal Army Service Corps. 9th March 1915. Son of Mr. W. H. Yates of Avenue Rd. Astwood Bank Rcdditch. AF. 1829. YOUNG Ptc. J. B. 5643.“ C ”Coy. 5th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. Died of meningitis 19th April 1916. Age 21. Son of Mrs. C.B. Young, of 26 Horne St. Fishpool Bury Lancs. AF. 1985.37
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