Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in East Surrey

MORTLAKE BURIAL GROUND belongs to the Barnes Urban District Council. It contains 1 8 War Graves. BASS Sto. P.O. Charles 298365 (RFR.PO/B/ 6456). R.N. H.M.S. “ Attenti%'e II.” 19th Sept. 1919. Age 35. Son of William and Mary Bass husband of Eva L. Bass of Kenton House, St. Leonards East Sheen London. Born at Mortlakc. X. 134. BIRDWOOD 2nd Lt. C.B. Coldstream Guards. 18th July 1918. H. 161. BLACKWELL A.M. II. Alfred George 38414. Royal Air Force. 23rd Oct. 1919. Age 38. Husband of D.O. Blackwell. A. 167. COOPER Pte. Frederick C. G/3266. 12th Bn. Middlesex Rcgt. 22nd Feb. 1916. Son of Mrs. Louisa Alithear Dinner of The Cottage, Percy Lodge ChristChurch Rd. East Sheen, London. J. 172. CROXFORD A.M.I. Sidney James 76636. No. 3 Aeroplane Repair Sect. Royal Air Force. Died of pneumonia rst Nov. 1918. Age 37. Son of William and Sarah Croxford of Sutton, Surrey husband of Emily Fanny Croxford ”of“ Birdly First Avenue Mortlake. H. 164. DUNNING Serjt. Edward William 95698. 49th Bty. 40th Bdc. Royal Field Artillery. 30th April 1919. Age 29. Son of Alfred William and Elizabeth Jane Dunning of Mortlake husband of Alice Annie Nason Dunning (formerly), of 93 Cowley Rd. Mortlake. A. 161. FRANZMAN Pte. W.E. G/11040. nth Bn. The Queens. 10th Dec. 1919. F. 170. GEERING A.M. II. Albert Charles 38591. Royal Flying Corps. 1st April 1917. Age 38. Husband of Beatrice Agatha Gecring of 18, Ashleigh Rd. Mortlake. Z. B. 147. GOSSINGTON Ptc. R.H. 85412. 29th Bn. Middlesex Rcgt. transf. to (240088) Labour Corps. 15th March 1919. F. 154. HADDEN Gnr. George Henry 183951. Royal Garrison Artillery formerly Royal Field Artillery and Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 18th Sept., 1918. Age 18. Son of F.benezer and Adelaide Hadden of 38 Second Avenue Mortlake. H. 162. HARDS Pte. A.G. 266891. Royal Sussex Rcgt. 20th Jan. 1918. Age 33. Husband of Lily B. Hards of 97 Avondale Rd. Mortlakc. Z. B. 159. HOULTON Pte. Walter 6470 M.M. 3rd Bn. Coldstream Guards. Died of influenza 27th Feb. 1920. Age 35. Husband of Elizabeth Snell (formerly Houlton) of 32 Elm Grove Rd., Barnes London. Born at Sheffield. (In the same grave is also buried A.B. Charles Henry Snell, 209995 R.N. H.M.S. “ ” Thanet 21st July 1927.) E. 173. KENT Ptc. James George 351227. 7th Bn. London Rcgt. 13th Nov. 1918. Age 24. Son of James and Ellen Kent of 47 First Avenue, Mortlakc. G. 157. KIBBLE Pte. II. J. W. 236875. Royal Air Force. 24th Oct. 1918. Z. B. 150. SPEEKS Pte. F. G/40142. 1st Garrison Bn. Royal Munster Fusiliers. 26th Oct. 1919. Age 26. Son of Frederick and Emily Speeks of 10 Avondale Rd. Mortlakc. A. 148. STANSBY Pte. Harold TR10/171027. 53rd Bn. Middlesex Regt. 24th Oct. 1918. Age 18. Son of Samuel and Ada Stansby of 12 Fitzgerald Avenue East Sheen London. 7.185. STANSBY Pte. Richard J. 47645. Machine Gun Corps (Cav.). 12th April 1917. Age 21. Son of Samuel and Ada Stansby of 12 Fitzgerald Avenue East Sheen London. 7.185. WARRINGTON Gnr. Francis George 14514. Royal Garrison Artillery and Royal Army Vet. Corps. 24th April 1918. Age 32. Husband of Ellen Warrington of 17 Trchcrn Rd. Mortlakc. Z. B. 163. MORTLAKE (ST. MARY MAGDALEN) ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCHYARD. COONEY Pte. William G/1492. 6th Bn. Middlesex Rcgt. Died of sickness 5th Oct. 1914. Age 42. Son of the late Thomas and Winifred Cooney husband of Elizabeth Cooney of 17 Montgomery St. Great Church Lane, Hammersmith London. H. 55. HARDY A.M. III. A.V. H. 116932. Royal Air Force. 22nd Oct. 1918. Son of Mr. G. Hurl- stone Hardy of The Old House Park Rd., Twickenham. P. 25.11
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