Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in East Surrey

QUARTERMAN Lee. Cpl. Edward Henry, 206330. 24th Bn. The Rifle Brigade iotli Jan., 1918. Age 48. Husband of Emma Hetty Quarter- man of 84 Newington Rd. Mcrrickville Sydney, New South Wales Australia. J. B. 3. RITCHIE Lee. Cpl. George 313129. 7th Bn. Gordon Highlanders. Died of wounds 6th Sept., 1918. Age23- Son of Robert Ritchie of Larbert, Stirlingshire husband of Winifred Doris Ritchie, of 77 Sherwood Park Rd. Strcatham Vale, London. J. B. 60. ROBINSON A.M. I. Herbert Edward F/5810. Royal Naval Air Service. H.M.S. “President II.” 6th Dec. 1916. Age 26. Son of Charles S.and D. Robinson of 13 Griffiths Rd. Wimbledon. G. H3. 8. ROBINSON Serjt. John Henry 46805. 48th Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps. Accidentally killed 23rd March 1918. Age 24. Son of Mr. J. F. and Mrs. S. S. Robinson of Jessamine Cottage, 16 Wandlcbank Wimbledon. AD. i. 30. RYDER Ptc. C.F. 27336. ist/2ist Bn. East Surrey Regt. 13th Sept. 1918. Age 19. Son of Richard F. and Bessie Ryder of S8 Efi'ra Rd., Wimbledon. E. B3. 55. SCOTT A.B. Frederick Robert J/16005. R.N. H.M.S. “Vindictive.” 23rd April 1918. Age2i. Son of Thomas E. and Sarah Jane Scott of 51, Victory Rd. Wimbledon. J. B. 43. SMITH Pte. Percy William 185062. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). Died of pneumonia 31st Oct. 1918. Age 28. Son of Frank William and Sarah Smith of Wimbledon husband of Ellen Maud Smith of 98 Hubert Rd. Wimbledon. E. A2. 12. STOCKHAM Serjt. J. 16424. South Lancashire Regt. 16th May 1918. D. C4. 43. STREETER Pte. C.W. 22990. 4th Bn. Grenadier Guards. Died of pneumonia 26th Feb. 1915. Age 22. Son of Henry and Emily Jane Streeter of 5 Walnut Tree Cottages Church Rd. Wimbledon. C. B4. 50. TEM PLER Rfn. Eldred Ernest 555793. Queen’s Westminsters. Died of sickness 21st Nov. 1918. Age 18. Son of Edwin Ernest and Celia Margaret Templer of 51 Graham Rd. Wimbledon. A. A3. 58. TERZZA Pte. F. G. 7580591. Royal Army Ordnance Corps. 28th June 1921. Husband of Ivy Terzza of 33 Goosebutt St. Park Gate, Rotherham Yorks. C.B. 64. WHITEHEAD 2nd Lt. E. J. Royal Air Force. 3rd May 1918. H. A4. 43. WHITTLE Lee. Cpl. Richard James D/18909. 2nd/ist Scottish Horse. 18th Oct. 1918. Age 22. Only son of Richard and Mary Whittle, of 72 Durnsford Rd. Wimbledon. H. A4. 29. WIMBLEDON (ST. MARY-ON-THE-IIILL) CHURCHYARD. TWYFORD Col. Lionel Thomas Campbell. North Staffordshire Regt. (temporary Brig-Gen. Commanding 57th Infantry Bdc. France). Men­tioned in Despatches. 24th Aug. 1920. VALLENCEY Capt. H. H. DeE. Royal Field Artillery. 4th May 1920.57
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