Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in East Surrey

Cemetery AREA. Index No. SURREY. Page Dormans Land Baptist Chapelyard Lingfield - Godstone R.D. -2333 Dormans Land (St. John) Churchyard^Lingficld Godstone R.D. -2433 Duxhurst (Lady Henry Somerset Homes) Burial Reigate M.B. 3946 Ground. Farleigh (St. Mary) Churchyard- Godstone R.D. -2533 Felbridge (St. John the Divine) Churchyard Godstone R.D. -2634 Godstone and Tandridge. Godstone (St. Nicholas) Churchyard- Godstone R.D. -2734 Horley (St. Bartholomew) Churchyard- Reigate R.D. 4649 Horne (St. Mary) Churchyard- Godstone R.D. -2834 Kingswood (St. Andrew) Churchyard- Reigate R.D. 4750 Limpsfield (St. Peter) Churchyard Godstone R.D. -2934 Lingfield (SS. Peter and Paul) Churchyard Godstone R.D. -3034 Lowfield Heath (St. Michael) Churchyard Reigate R.D. 4850 Chari wood. Merstham (St. Catherine) Churchyard- Reigate R.D. 49 5i Merton (St. Mary) Churchyard -Merton and M or­ den U.D. 3538 Mitcham Burial Ground- Mitcham U.D. 3739 Morden (St. Laurence) Churchyard Merton and M or­ den U.D. 3639 Mortlake Burial Ground -Barnes U.D. 411 Mortlake (St. xWary Magdalen) Roman Catholic Barnes U.D. 511 Churchyard. Netherne Mental Hospital Cemetery Coulsdon and Pur- ley U.D. 1218 Nutficld Cemetery----- Reigate R.D. 50 5i Oxted (St. Mary) Churchyard- Godstone R.D.- 3i 35 Redhill (St. John) Churchyard- Reigate M.B. 4046 Reigate Cemetery----- Reigate M.B. 4i 46 Sanderstead (All Saints) Churchyard Coulsdon and Pur- ley U.D. 1318 Shirley (St. John) Churchyard- Croydon C.B. 1832 Sidlow Bridge (Emmanuel) Churchyard Horley Reigate R.D. 5i 5i Streatham Park Cemetery- Mitcham U.D. 38 4i
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