Memorial Register Great Britain and Ireland, Vol 2, WW1, Cemeteries and Churchyards in East Surrey

BEDDINGTON WAND ALLINGTON URBAN DISTRICT. BANDON HILL CEMETERY BEDDING­ TON near the railway line between Waddon and Wallington belongs to the Bandon Hill Joint Cemetery Committee (representing the Beddington and Wallington and Coulsdon and Purley Urban Districts). It was opened in 1899 and it covcrs an area of 20 acres. It contains 53 scattered War Graves and a War Cross is erected facing the entrance. ALLEN 2nd Lt. Geoffrey Peake. 4th Bn. The Queens. Accidentally killed 21st Dcc. 1915. Age 19. Son of Francis and Judith Allen of 21 Duppas Hill Terrace Croydon Surrey. F. 189. BARBER 2nd Cpl. F. D. WR/207102. Railway Acc. Depot Royal Engineers. 22nd Nov. 1919. J. 50. BARLOW Capt. Leonard Montcagle M.C. and 2 Bars. Experimental Station Royal Flying Corps. 5th Feb. 1918. Son of Leonard Barlow and Katharine Barlow of ”“Ben Varne Onslow Gardens Wallington. F. 85. BATCHELOR Pte. George James G/19729. Royal Sussex Rcgt. 28th Oct. 1916. Age 38. Son of the late William and Sophia Batchelor of Waddon husband of Nellie Sophia Batchelor of 149 Bynes Rd. South Croydon. L. 286. BEACH Capt. Lionel Flctchcr Hadwen D.S.O. 2nd/4th Bn. The Queens. 28th Nov. 1918. Age 26. Son of Fletcher Beach and Dora Beach husband of Eileen Waller Hydes (Beach) of 3, Dunally Park Shcpperton-on-Thamcs. F. 252. BIGG Lee.S Cpl. Reginald Walter 25683. East Surrey Regt. 21st Feb. 1920. Age 37. Husband of Alice Louise Biggs of 24 Smitham Bottom Lane Purlcy. K. 265. BROWN Capt. Clive Andrews. (Adjt. C.R.E., Canterbury). Royal Engineers. Died of pneu­monia 7th Nov. 1918. Age 28. Son of George Andrews Brown and Alice Alexandra Brown of 18 Croham Park Avenue Croydon husband of Winifred Edith Brown. Born at Glasgow. L. 3. BROWN 2nd Lt. P.L. 40th Training Sqdn. Royal Air Force. 16th Oct. 1918. A. 81. BUCK Maj. Robert Stanley. General List nth March 1919. Age 47. Son of the late Rev. Robert Buck and Louisa Buck husband of Lizzie Josephine Buck of 5 Stanley Park Rd., Wallington. H. 149. BUCKINGHAM Pte. E.A. J. G/42842. 16th Bn. Middlesex Regt. 15th Nov. 1917. L. 253. CAREY Cpl. Albert Luke 78457. Royal Army Mcdical Corps. Died of pneumonia 8th Oct., 1918. Age 29. Son of Luke and Jane Carey of Hampstead husband of E.M. Carey of 22, Mint Rd. Wallington. F. 245. CARVER Lt. Robin Creswell. Royal Air Force. 17th July 1918. Age 41. Son of C.H. and Mary Carver husband of Rose Caroline Wilson (formerly Carver) of Wynchcs Much Hadham, Herts. A. 55. COOK Ch. P.O. Henry Curtis AA/i 77. R.N.V.R. London A.A. Corps H.M.S. “President.” Died of appendicitis 7th Sept. 1915. Age 37. Son of Thomas and Lucy Anne Cook husband of Lilian Maud Cook of 26 Bute Gardens Wallington. Born at Lincoln. J. 277. CROOKE 2nd Lt. Walter. 40th Training Sqdn. Royal Flying Corps. 12th Nov. 1917. Age 18. Son of Walter and Agnes Chadwick Crooke of Goulbourne Rd. St. Georges Wellington, Salop. Born at Shifnal Salop. A. 54. DAVIES Armr. CrewS. MA. E. /11611. R.N. H.M.S. “Vernon.” nth Feb. 1915. Age 21. Son of Mrs. Annie L. Davies of 21 Lansdowne Rd. Purley. L. 313. DODKINS Flying Officcr Lionel Claud. 25th Bn. London Regt. re-posted to Border Rcgt. and 31st Sqdn. Royal Air Force. Died of malaria 13th June 1921. Age 25. Son of Mrs. Sophie Dodkins of 46 Northfield Rd. Kings Norton, and the late William Dodkins. Served in Egypt, India and Afghanistan. M. 44. DONALDSON 2nd Lt. Duncan Lane. 40th Training Depot Station Royal Air Force. 8th Oct., 1918. Age 30. Son of David Davidson Donaldson, of Inverness and of Ellen Donaldson of 183 St. Amant St. Malvern Johannesburg South Africa. Born at Sea Point CapeTown South Africa. C. 34X.
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