Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part XII, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES OTAKI Carpenter dais a bur o .Merchant Navy. S.S. Jose de Larrinaga (Liverpool). 7th Septem­ber 1940. Age 44. Panel 59. OTEROMA Steward JOB. Merchant Navy, s.s. Oued Grou (London). 4th November 1942. Age 37. Panel 77. OTHEN Steward wilfred .Merchant Navy, s.s. Wayfarer (Liverpool). 19th August 1944. Age 34. Son of Walter Sydney and Jessie Othen husband of Mabel Othcn of Liverpool. Panel 117. OTOOLE A.B. James. Merchant Navy. s.s. Rydal Force (Whitehaven). 24th April 1940. Age 37. Son of John and Bridget O’Toole husband of Kathleen OToole of Ballsbridge, Dublin Irish Republic. Panel 89. OTOOLE Third Engr. Offr. john bury .Mer­chant Navy. s.s. Ashcrest (London). 9th Decem­ber 1940. Age 32. Son of John and Alice O’Toole husband of Lily Elizabeth Amy OToole of Sonning Common Oxfordshire. Panel 11. OTOOLE A.B. john william .Merchant Navy. s.s. Canford Chine (Swansea). 8th Febru­ary 1941. Age 24. Panel 23. OTOOLE Donkeyman michael .Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Mermaid (London). 27th March 1941. Age 40. Panel 43. OTOOLE Fireman michael .Merchant Navy, s.s. New York. 25th September 1942. Age 22. Panel 73. OTTER Apprentice doug l asian .Merchant Navy. s.s. Britannia (Glasgow). 25th March 1941. Age 19. Panel 19. OTTLEY DeckHand Joseph .Fishing Fleet. Fishing Vessel Wigmorc (Grimsby). 19th Novem­ber 1939. Age 35. Husband of Dorothy Rebecca Otdey of Thurcroft Yorkshire. Panel 129. OTTO Boatswain val dim a r bert imus l a u r its Merchant Navy' s.s. San Florentino (London). 2nd Octobcr 1941. Age 54. Son of Valdimar L.and Amelia Christine Otto husband of Eliza Ann Otto of Willington Quay Northumberland. Panel 92. OTTOLANGUI Asst. Steward george .Mer­chant Navy. s.s. Empire Heritage (Cardiff). 8th September 1944. Age 23. Son of Montague and Fanny Ottolangui of Bow London. Panel 41. OTTOLINI Ord. Smn. Bernard desmond .Merchant Navy. s.s. Jonathan Holt (Liverpool). 24th February 1941. Age 17. Panel 59. OTTY Barber Her bert .Merchant Navy. m .v. Staffordshire (Liverpool). 28th March 1941. Age 48. Son of Joseph and Sarah Otty husband of Christina Otty. Panel 100. OULTRAM Asst. Steward john robin son .Merchant Navy. M.v. Abosso (Liverpool). 29th October 1942. Age 53. Son of Peter Robinson Oultram and Alice Oultram husband of Mary E. Oultram of Allerton Lancashire. Panel 2. OUTRED Boatswain Alfred tho mas .Mer­chant Navy. M.v. San Arcadio (London). 31st January 1942. Age 37. Son of Alfred Edmund and Edith Sophia Outrcd of Gravesend Kent. Panel 91. OVE Chief Officer lien hens r i k .Merchant Navy. s.s. Margit (London). 7th February 1944. Age 29. Son of Erhardt and Jorgine Ove husband of Anna Mary Ove of Hojbjerg Aarhus, Denmark. Panel 68. OVENS Third Engr. Offr. george .Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Leopard (London). 2nd November 1942. Age 28. Panel 43. OVENS Second Engr. Offr. james pater son .Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Lancer (Greenock). 16th August 1944. Age 37. Husband of Mary G. C.Ovens of Biggar Lanarkshire. Panel 43.779
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The document titled Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part XII, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2 is beneath this layer.

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