Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part IX, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2

M acGREGOR A.B. donald henry .Merchant Navy. s.s. Reynolds (London). 31st October 1942. Age 20. Son of George Roland and Margaret Ethel MacGregor of Waterloo Liverpool. Panel 86. M acGREGOR Second Engr. Offr. fa rq u rah duncan. Merchant Navy. s.s. Belcrcst (London). 15th February 1941. Age 50. Husband of Evelyn MacGregor of Roby Lancashire. Panel 15. McGREGOR Fireman and Trimmer james adam .Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Heath (Sunderland). 13th May 1944. Age 31. Son of Douglas and Maud M cGregor husband of Lillian McGregor of Grove Hill Middlesbrough. Panel 41. MACGREGOR Boatswain john .Merchant Navy. s.s. Benlomond (Leith). 24th November 1942. Age 48. Panel 16. M cGREGOR tA.B. .Merchant Navy. s.s. Oropos (Greece). 21st December 1942. Age 45. Panel 77. M cGREGOR Donkeyman tho mas .Merchant Navy. s.s. Fidra (Glasgow). 5th March 1943. Age 51. Panel 49. M cGREGOR Ch. Engr. Offr. w ilk i e .Merchant Navy. s.s. Pikepool (West Hartlepool). 22nd November 1940. Age 72. Panel 81. M cGREGOR Third Engr. Offr. will i a m.M chanter­ Navy. s.s. City of Cairo (Liverpool). 28th November 1942. Age 27. Panel 29. McGREGOR Cook william george .Merchant Navy. M.v. Pizarro (London). 31st January 1941. Age 34. Husband of Jane McGregor of South Shields Co. Durham. Panel 82. McGREVY Seventh Engr. Offr. will i a m.M chanter­ Navy. s.s. Port Nicholson (London). 16th June 1942. Age 21. Son of John McGrevy and of Mary McGrevy of Wallscnd Northumberland. Panel 84. M cG RILL Second Offr. ALFRED. Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Merlin (London). 25th August 1940. Age 24. Son of Austin and Jane Rutherford McGrill of North Shields Northumberland. Panel 43. M cG U CK IN Greaser john .Merchant Navy, s.s. Svend Foyn (London). 21st March 1943. Age 44. Panel 105. M acG U CK IN Apprentice JOHN LEWIS. M chanter­ Navy. s.s. Nailsea Court (Cardiff). 10th March 1943. Age 19. Son of Bernard Mac- Guckin and of Jessie MacGuckin of Stornoway, Isle of Lewis. Panel 71. M cGUGAN Mate NEIL smith .Merchant Navy, s.s. Olivine (Glasgow). 29th March 1941. Age 30. Husband of Dolina McGugan of Govanhill, Glasgow. Panel 76. M cGUIGAN Asst. Steward john .Merchant Navy. s.s. Southern Empress (Leith). 13th October 1942. Age 19. Panel 100. M cGUIGAN Donkeyman jose p ii. Merchant Navy. s.s. KenbaneHead (Belfast). 5th November, 1910. Age 42. Husband of Teresa McGuigan, of Belfast Northern Ireland. Panel 60. M cGUIGAN Fireman and Trimmer Jose p hi.e o .Merchant Navy. s.s. Kenbane Head (Belfast). 5th November 1940. Age 47. Panel 60. M cGUIGAN Donkeyman robert ALEXANDER. Merchant Navy. s.s. North Britain (Newcastle- on-Tyne). 5th May 1943. Age 43. Panel 74. M cG U IN ESS Fireman and Trimmer Arthur .Merchant Navy. s.s. Tregarthen (London). 6th June 1941. Age 37. Panel 110. M cG U IN ESS Fireman and Trimmer JOSEPH. Merchant Navy. s.s. Tregarthen (London). 6th June 1941. Age 33. Son of James and Charlotte McGuiness husband of Edith McGuincss of Liverpool. Panel 110. M cG U INN ESS Asst. Cook CHARLES. Merchant Navy. s.s. North Britain (Newcastle-on-Tyne). 5th May 1943. Age 38. Panel 74. M cG U INN ESS Fireman and Trimmer james edward .Merchant Navy. s.s. Koranton (New- castlc-on-Tyne). 28th March 1941. Age 39. Husband of Agnes McGuinness of Liverpool. Panel 62. iMcGUINNESS Fireman and Trimmer john .Merchant Navy. s.s. Port Hunter (London). 11th July 1942. Age 31. Son of Luke McGuinness, and of Mary McGuinncss of Liverpool. Panel 83.631
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The document titled Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part IX, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2 is beneath this layer.

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