Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part IV, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2

CRAIGHEAD Surgeon ALEXANDER CRISTON. Merchant Navy. m .v .Canadian Star (London). 18th March 1943. Age 43. Panel 23. CRAIGS Sailor frank .Merchant Navy. s.s. Deencood (London). 6th August 1941. Age 20. Son of John and Mary' Craigs. Panel 35. CRAINE Radio Operator d a v i dander son .Merchant Navy. s.s. Deptford (London). 13th December 1939. Age 26. Panel 35. CRAKE Boatswain peter tho mas .Merchant Navy. s.s. Creekirk (London). 19th October 1940. Age 50. Son of Peter Thomas Crake and Dinah Crake husband of Sarah Ann Crake. Panel 33. CRAME Fourth Engr. Offr. a l a stair wylie .Merchant Navy. s.s. Virgilia (Glasgow). 24th November 1941. Age 25. Panel 115. CRAMER A.B. Joseph .Merchant Navy. m .v. Neptunian (Newcastle-on-Tyne). 7th September 1940. Age 36. Panel 72. CRAMMON Cabin Boy Walter jun n e r .Merchant Navy. s.s. Taber Park (Montreal). 13th March 1945. Age 18. Son of John and Christina Crammon of South Shields Co. Durham. Panel 105. e CRANE A.B. henry Joseph .Merchant Navy. M.v. San Arcadio (London). 31st January 1942. Age 35. Panel 91. CRANE Donkcyman JAMES william .Merchant Navy. M.v. Empire Merchant (London). 16th August 1940. Age 40. Son of Catharine Crane, of New Cross London. Panel 43. CRANE Fireman and Trimmer REGINALD s. j. Merchant Navy. s.s. Sulaco (Liverpool). 19th October 1940. Age 34. Son of John and Amy Crane husband of Ellen Dorothy May Crane, of Dovercourt Essex. Panel 104. CRANE Ch. Engr. Offr. wai.ter rah old .Merchant Navy. s.s. Sulaco (Liverpool). 19th October 1940. Age 47. Son of Walter and Henrietta Crane husband of Grace Doris Crane of Liverpool. Panel 104. CRANFIELD Fourth Engr. Offr. cecil Char les .Merchant Navy. s.s. Amsterdam (Harwich). 7th August 1944. Age 39. Son of Charles William and Alice Lavinia Cranfield husband of Doris Olive Cranfield of Dovercourt Essex. Panel 8. CRANSTON Third Radio Offr. tho mas Reginald .Merchant Navy. s.s. Umvuma (London). 7th August 1943. Age 18. Son of Thomas and Margaret Cranston of Portobcllo Edinburgh. Panel 113. CRANW ILL tho m hasp i lip butler .Merchant Navy. Master s.s. Clan MacPhee (Glasgow). 16th August 1940. Age 46. Son of Thomas Butler Cranwill and Helena Butler Cranwill. Panel 30. CRARER First Radio Offr. william .Merchant Navy. s.s. Belcrest (London). 15th February 1941. Age 29. Son of George Panton Crarcr .C.,M Mentioned in Despatches and of Mary Crarcr, of Dunbar East Lothian. Panel 15. CRAS Donkeyman a m b r oise .Merchant Navy. S.S. Gravelines (Bristol). 31st May 1941. Age 39. Panel 53. CRAVEN Fireman and Trimmer OWEN. M chanter­ Navy. s.s. Szviftpool (West Hartlepool). 5th August 1941. Age 33. Husband of Annie Craven of Birkenhead. Panel 105. CRAWFORD Second Engr. Offr. came ron JAMES. Merchant Navy. M.v.Queen Anne (Glasgow). 10th February 1943. Age 29. Son of Daniel and Susan Crawford husband of Henrietta C. Crawford of Dalgarven Ayrshire. Panel 85. CRAWFORD 2nd Ilcfrig. Engr. Char l e s.M chanter­ Navy. M.v. Nottingham (London). 7th November 1941. Age 20. Son of Frederick J. A. and Ethel Crawford of St. Justin Penwith, Cornwall. Panel 74. CRAWFORD Greaser daniel .Merchant Navy. M.v. Empire Attendant (Glasgow). 15th July 1942. Age 27. Panel 38. CRAWFORD Engr. FRANCIS. Fishing Fleet. Fishing Vessel Pride (Grimsby). 16th October 1940. Age 35. Panel 128.215
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The document titled Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part IV, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2 is beneath this layer.

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