Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part IV, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES CRABB Chief Officcr henry .Merchant Navy. M.v. Edioy R. Brown (London). 13th February 1941. Age 34. Son of James Nottingham Crabb and Anna Maria Crabb. Panel 37. CRABBE Fireman edward .Merchant Navy. M.v. Empire Steel (Liverpool). 24th March 1942. Age 23. Son of Edward W.and Frances E. Crabbc of Bristol. Panel 45. CRABTREE Junr. Engr. Offr. john Alexander .Merchant Navy. M.v. Empire Light (Liverpool). 7th March 1943. Age 21. Son of Tom and Mary Crabtree of Liverpool. Panel 43. CRAB'I'REE First Radio Offr. william HAROLD. Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Stream (Greenock). 25th September 1941. Age 26. Son of Harold and Minny Crabtree husband of Frcdrica Mary Crabtree of Cowbridgc Glamorgan. Panel 46. CRACKNELL Sailor george henry .Merchant Navy. s.s. Bibury (London). 2nd September 1940. Age 31. Husband of Gladys Ohven Crackncll of Llanfaes Brecon. Panel 16. CRACKNELL Donkeyman william Alexander .Merchant Navy. s.s. Ferryhill (Aberdeen). 21st January 1940. Age 38. Son of William and Jane Alexander Cracknell husband of Annie Crackncll. Panel 49. CRADDUCK A.B. tho mas william Walters .Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Leopard (London). 2nd November 1942. Age 41. Husband of R. Cradduck of Whitehaven Cumberland. Panel 43. CRAFT Sailor r u sells .Merchant Navy, s.s. Empire Mica (Middlesbrough). 29th June 1942. Age 18. Son of Clarence Samuel and Alice Myrtle Craft. Panel 44. CRAFTER Ch. Engr. Offr. ernest rich a rd, D.S.C. Merchant Navy. s.s. Marie Mailer (Shanghai). 1st July 1943. Age 64. Son of Richard Andrew Crafter O.B.E. and Catherine Craftcr husband of Lily Mary Crafter of Lancaster. Panel 68. CRAGGS A.B. george jam esp slew .Merchant Navy. s.s. Lindenhall (West Hartlepool). 7th November 1942. Age 35. Son of M r.and Mrs. J. Craggs of Plaistow Essex. Panel 65. CRAGGS Cook Joseph .Merchant Navy, s.s. Thurston (West Hartlepool). 4th March 1940. Age 50. Son of Annie Craggs husband of Sophia Craggs of West Hartlepool Co. Durham. Panel 108. CRAIB Second Engr. Offr. gil bert imps son .Merchant Navy. s.s. Samsuva (London). 29th September 1944. Age 41. Panel 91. CRAIB Third Engr. Offr. william george .Merchant Navy. M .v. Clea (London). 13th February 1941. Panel 31. CRAIG Ch. Engr. Offr. a l berth d ward .Merchant Navy. s.s. Stronsa Firth (Aberdeen). 28th November 1944. Age 55. Son of M r.and Mrs. John Craig husband of Ethel Craig of Barking Essex. His son Edward perished with him. Panel 104. CRAIG Second Engr. Offr. Alexander .Merchant Navy. S.S. Manaar (Liverpool). 6th September 1939. Age 44. Panel 67. CRAIG Cook Alexander b lain .Merchant Navy. M.v. Korsholm (Sweden). 13th April 1942. Age 38. Panel 62. CRAIG SecondHand ALEXANDER down i e .Fishing Fleet. Fishing Vessel Arora (Aberdeen). 23rd January 1941. Age 36. Son of William and Margaret Wood Craig husband of Robertha Margret Craig of Aberdeen. Panel 123. CRAIG Boy Arthur c. Merchant Navy. s.s. Eastlea (Newcastle-on-Tyne). 30th March 1941. Age 20. Native of South Africa. Panel 36.213
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The document titled Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part IV, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2 is beneath this layer.

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