Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part III, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES CABLE Lamp Trimmer Arthur jame s.M chanter­ Navy. M .V. Fort Gisborne (London). 11th Octobcr 1940. Age 33. Panel 83. CABLES Third Offr. james Patrick ruM ray .Merchant Navy. s.S. Manaqui (London). 15th March 1942. Age 24. Panel 67. CADA BIN RAHIM see RAHIM CADA BIN. CADAMY A.B. LESLIE. Merchant Navy, s.s. Togston (Newcastle-on-Tync). 8th March 1941. Age 36. Panel 108. CADDELL Ch. Engr. Offr. SAMUEL. Merchant Navy. s.s. Corbet (Belfast). 3rd May 1941. Age 40. Husband of Mary Caddell of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Panel 31. CADDICK Sto. art i i u r .Merchant Navy. s.s. Ville d'Arlon (Belgium). 2nd December 1940. Age 40. Panel 114. CADDICK Fireman and Trimmer Arthur GLADSTONE. Merchant Navy. s.s. Oakcrest (Lon­don). 22nd November 1940. Age 39. Son of David Richard and Sarah Anne Caddick of Liverpool. Panel 75. CADDICK Fireman and Trimmer edward james .Merchant Navy. S.S. Oporto (Liverpool). 13th March 1943. Age 46. Son of James and Catherine E. Caddick husband of Annie Cad­ dick of Liverpool. Panel 76. CADDICK Deck Boy john JOSEPH .Merchant Navy. s.s. Empire Lake (West Hartlepool). 15th July 1943. Age 17. Son of John Joseph Caddick, and of Dorothy Caddick of Kirkdalc Liverpool. Panel 42. CADDY A.B. JOHN .Merchant Navy. M .v .British Resource (London). 14th March 1942. Age 36. Son of James and Jane Caddy of Ulver- ston Lancashire. Panel 20. CADENHEAD Second Engr. Offr. john george .Merchant Navy. M.v. Walmer Castle (London). 21st September 1941. Age 28. Panel 116. CADLE Deck Boy Reginald Sydney Alfred .Merchant Navy. S.S. Gloucester Castle (London). 15th July 1942. Age 16. Son of Sidney Albert and Ethel May Cadle of Caterham Surrey. Panel 52. CADOGAN A.B. daniel .Merchant Navy. s.s. Rose Schiaffino (Cardiff). 3rd November 1941. Age 41. Son of John and Mary Cadogan hus­band of MaryEllen Cadogan of Barry Dock, Glamorgan. Panel 88. CADOGAN Boatswain k i e ran .Merchant Navy, s.s. Ashbury (Glasgow). 8th January 1945. Age 58. Panel 10. CADOGAN Watchman Patrick .Merchant Navy. s.s. Almeda Star (London). 17th January 1941. Age 60. Son of P. and Bridget Cadogan of Ballyshannon Co. Donegal Irish Republic. Panel 5. CADWALLADER Ch. Engr. Offr. peter ALEXANDER. Merchant Navy. s.s. Orsa (Glasgow). 21st Octobcr 1939. Age 59. Husband of Frances D. Cadwallader of Knightswood Glasgow. Panel 77. CADWELL Third Radio Offr. douglas M a u rice .Merchant Navy. s.s. Yoma (Glasgow). 17th June 1943. Age 19. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Cadwell, of Aldershot Hampshire. Panel 120. CAESAR A.B. john .Merchant Navy. Las.s. Carriere (London). 25th February 1942. Age 41. Husband of Evadney Caesar of St. Michael, Barbados. Panel 62. CAFFERTY Fireman james .Merchant Navy, s.s. Melrose (Leith). 15th March 1940. Age 46. Panel 70. CAFFERY Fireman JAMES. Merchant Navy. s.s. Ceramic (Southampton). 7th December 1942. Age 22. Son of Christopher and Esther Caffery of Liverpool husband of Mary Caffery. Panel 25.143
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The document titled Memorial Register 22, The Tower Hill Memorial Part III, names of those of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets who fell during WW2 is beneath this layer.

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