Memorial Register, Germany 13, WW2, Berlin War Cemetery, Part III

WYNNE Fit. Sgt. (Obs.) a i dan noel 519327. J\ R.A.F. 7 Sqdn. 3rd June 1941. Age 28. Son of Patrick Wynne and of Agnes Wynne of Ncw- castle-on-Tyne. Coll. grave 8. F. 22-27. WYNNE L. Cpl. WILLIAM 5729199. 4th Bn. The Dorsetshire Regt. 27th February 1945. Age 25.10. C. 17. YALE Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) k o bert alec 1583664. R.A.F.(V.R.). 467 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn. 29th Decem­ber 1943. Age 20. Son of William Henry and Sarah Hannah Yale of Madeley Shropshire. 5. K. 4. YATES Sgt. (Air Gnr.) george Walter 1388960. j RJ\.F.(V.R.). 158 Sqdn. 15th February 1944. Age 20. Son of Walter Henry and Marion Yates, of Romford Essex. 9. K. 21. YATES Pilot Offr. (Pilot) wii-SON rib well ,161407 D.F.C. R.A.F.(V.R.). 630 Sqdn. 20th .February 1944. Age 31. Son of George and Sarah 'Ann Yates husband of Lily Yates of Anchors- holme Cleveleys Lancashire. 5. E. 36. YEOMAN Spr. john alton MURDOCK 2930283.42 Field Coy. Royal Engineers. 13th January 1944. Age 24. Son of John Coxon and Mary Yeoman Coxon. 11. H. 8. YESIIWANT BHOSLE L. Nk. 12333.18 Field Coy. Royal Bombay Sappers and Miners. 25th March 1944. Age 30. Son of Ganpatrao Bhoslc and Tanubai husband of Muktabai of Dhulgaon Satara South India. Hindu 3B. C. 12. YEULETT Flying Offr. (Air Gnr.) GEORGE vic tor rice 168774. R.A.F.(V.R.). 158 Sqdn. 16th January 1945. Age 35. Son of George Albert and Louise Ellen Yeulctt husband of Phyllis Kathleen Yeulctt of Ilford Essex. Coll. grave 6. D. 25-28. YORKE Sgt. (Fit. Engr.) WILLIAM GEORGE, 11802298. R.A.F.(V.R-). 630 Sqdn. 22nd January 1944.4. L. 22. YOUNG Flying Offr. (Nav.) ALEXANDER MAC­ DONALD 163626. R.A.F.(V.R.). 50 Sqdn. 14th January' 1945.2. D. 20. /YOUNG Itc. george henry 4278680. 5th Bn. B e r lin The Kings Rcgt. (Liverpool). 13th January 1946.1939-1945 Age 21. Son of Joseph and Eliza Ann Young of war Wallsend Northumberland. 3. E. 5. cemetery ger .13 YOUNG Sgt. (W.Op./Air Gnr.) john kenneth a 947403. R.A.F.(V.R.). 35 Sqdn. 3rd September _ 1941. Age 21. Son of John and Ruby Eisie Young of Pitsmoor Sheffield. Joint grave 4 J .18-19. YOUNG Pilot Offr. (Pilot) john ruM ray ,156657. R.A.F.(V.R.). 622 Sqdn. 1st September '1943. Son of William B. Young and of Elizabeth Lees Young of Edinburgh. Coll. grave 5. A. 14-17. YOUNG Fit. Sgt. (Air Gnr.) LESLIE 1498989, D.F.M. R.A.F.(V.R.). 101 Sqdn. 15th February, 1944. Age 22. Son of Arthur and Ruth Anne Young of Harlow Hill Harrogate Yorkshire. His brother Denis also died on service. 5. C. 7.1 YOUNG Sgt. (Air Gnr.) mar tin Anthony _ 1250140. R.A.F.(V.R.). 7 Sqdn. 3rd August _ 1941. Coll. grave 9. L. 15-18. YOUNG Sgt. (Air Gnr.) ronald w i i.i.i a m ,1376781. R.A.F.(V.R.). 463 (R.A.A.F.) Sqdn. 30th January 1944. Age 24. Son of William and ^Matilda Louisa Young of Gillingham Kent. 9. K. 13. J 1 YOUNGER Fit. Sgt. (Air Gnr.) LESLIE shaw lob ton 521590. R.A.F. 51 Sqdn. 8th September 1941. Age 27. Son of Robert Bolton Younger and Mary Emma Younger of Whitley Bay, Northumberland. 4. A. 6. ZAMEK Sgt. (Obs.) ian Alexander 749523. R.A.F.(V.R. )58 S jdn. 3rd October 1940. Age 22. Son 6f I Ufrcd 2 arnck and of Katie Zamek of 1 .Henry' also died on service. Coll. grave 7. K. 1-4. ZIERLER Flying Offr. (Nav.) isaac b u ck, J/40890. R.C.A.F. 433 Sqdn. 10th April 1945.8. F. 9. YOUNG Fit. Sgt. (Air Bomber) GEORGE 1479621 D.F.M. R.A.F.(V.R.). 97 Sqdn. 21st January 1944. Coll. grave 6. L. 12-14. Rep rin ted by the Com mon wealth War Graves Com mission Maiden head ZUNTI Wt. Offr. II. (Air Gnr.) james Jose p h,R /107172. R.C.A.F. 50 (R.A.F.) Sqdn. 23rd November 1943. Son of Jacob Zunti and of Mary Zunti (nee Brundler) of Luseland Sas­katchewan Canada. Coll. grave 1. C. 10-15.1980
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