Memorial Register 30, WW1, The Tyne Cot Memorial, Passchendaele, Belgium, Soldiers from The United Kingdom Part XX

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES SILCO CK Pte. Gerald 12984. 2nd Bn. Royal Berkshire Regt. 16th Aug. 1917. Age 21. Son of Sidney Charles and Alice Silcock of 3, Rossdale Rd. Putney London. SILCO CK Pte. John 34288. 10th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 14th Oct. 1917. SILCO CK Lee. Cpl. John Cooke G/5709. nth Bn. Royal West Kent Regt. 20th Sept. 1917. Age 24. Son of Mr. and Mrs. Silcock of 25, Harrisons Rise West Croydon husband of Hilda G. Tree (formerly Silcock) of Sleaford Rd. Heckington Lincs. SILCO CK Scrjt. William 266945. ist/7th Bn. West Yorkshire Regt. 14th April 1918. Age 30. Husband of Jane Ann Priestley (formerly Silcock), of 2 St. Jamess Place Holbeck Leeds. SIL KLee. Cpl. James Reuben 5533. 8th Bn. East Surrey Regt. 12th Oct. 1917. SILK Lt. Thomas William. 9th Bn. Devonshire Regt. 26th Oct. 1917. Age 20. Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Silk ”of “Mendoza Fassett Rd., Kingston-on-Thames. SILK STONE Ptc. Alfred 24799. 9th Bn. Kings Own Yorkshire Inf.Light 4th Oct. 1917. Age 38. Son of William and Ruth Silkstone, of Shirland Alfrcton Derbyshire. SILK STONE Ptc. Tom 40604. 8th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. 16th Aug. 1917. Age 24. Son of Mrs. Annette Silkstone of 29, Rochdale Rd. West Vale husband of Sarah Hannah Smith (formerly Silkstonc) of 34, Lambert St. West Vale Greetland Halifax. SILL Pte. Arthur 37324. 1st Bn. East Yorkshire Regt. 4th Oct. 1917. Age 24. Husband of Elizabeth Sill of 5 Court 7 Back King St., Batley Carr Batlcy Yorks. SILLEM Capt. Thomas George .C.M 16th Bn. Welch Regt. 14th April 1918. Age 22. Son of George and Ada Fanny Sillcm of ”“Three Ways Harvey Lane Thorpe Norwich. SILLIN C E Ptc. Montague Arnold Gilbert, 27948. No. 2 Coy. 1st Bn. Grenadier Guards, nth Oct. 1917. Age 20. Son of William Benjamin and Louise May Sillincc of 75 Market St. Eastleigh Hants. SILL IS Ptc. Harry G/9303. 2nd Bn. Royal Sussex Regt. attd. 1st Bn. East Surrey Regt. 10th Oct. 1917. Age 33. Son of Mary Sillis of 4 Church Lane Great Massingham King’s Lynn Norfolk and the late Robert Sillis. SILLIT O E Pte. Thomas 29525. 2nd/8th Bn. Royal Warwickshire Regt. 3rd Sept. 1917. SILLIT O E Ptc. William 22292. 23rd Bn. Manchester Regt. 16th ¦Oct. 1917. Son of Moses and Mary Sillitoc of 48 Kirkmanshulme Lane Longsight Manchester. SILLS Pte. George Harris 41676. 1st Bn. 5. Staffordshire Regt. 26th Oct. 1917. Age 19. Son of Job and Jane Sills of 47 Woodhcycs Rd., Ncasdcn London. SILVER Cpl. Archie Reginald 878. Household Battalion. 12th Oct. 1917. Age 25. Son of Lucy Silver of Chilton Stcvcnton Berks and the late Henry Silver. SILVER Ptc. Charles Henry PO/203i(S). R.M .L.I. 2nd R.M. Bn. R.N. Div. 26th Oct., 1917. Age 40. Son of Charles and Eliza Silver, of Hollway Hill Godalming Surrey husband of Elizabeth Lillie Silver of 1 Bridge Cottages, Cove Farnborough Hants. SILVER Ptc. Frank 19789. 6th Bn. Border Regt. 7th Oct. 1917. SILVER Ptc. James S/18821 nth Bn. Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. 22nd Aug. 1917. SILVERM AN Rfn. Pinkus R/25266. 18th Bn. Kings Royal Rifle Corps. 21st Sept. 1917. SILVER SIDES Ptc. Thomas 88959. 106th Coy. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 20th Oct. 1917. Age 29. Son of John and Margaret Silversides, of 28 Culchcth Lane Newton Heath Manchester husband of Dorothy Simistcr (formerly Silver- sidcs) of Hazel Villas Hayfield Stockport. SILVERSTO N Lee. Cpl. Alfred 20105. ist/4th Bn. Cheshire Regt. 15th Oct. 1918. Age 28. Son of the late Aaron Godfrey Silverston and Rose Silvcrston husband of Eliza Silverston of 24A, Gossett St. Bethnal Green London. SILVERWOOD Ptc. Joe 241272. ist/5th Bn. York and Lancaster Regt. 9th Oct. 1917. INDEX No. M.R.30 T Y N COTE MEMO RIAL PART X X (U.K.) 1127
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