The Great War, I was there - Part 21

Printed in England and published every Tuesday by the Proprietors, The A m a lg a mated Press ,Ltd .,The Fleet way House, Farringdon Street, London, Sole Agents for Australia and New Zealand :Messrs. Gordon& Goteh, Ltd. and for South Africa :Central New Agency, Ltd. Subscription Kates: Inland and Abroad, n d .per copy. February 21st, 1939.“ S.V. icrnt iwenry-rive Deauriruny Bound Volumes j© Printed in Clear, Legible Type on Antique-laid Paper j© Superbly Illustrated with Colour and Black-and-White Plates The“ Waverley ”Library Edition of The Works. f ALEXANDRE DUMAS DON’T MISS THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY Just sign and post the format right, and0 1 1 ac­ceptance we will send you these twenty-live volumes together with the Gilt Bookcase, car­riage paid, to examine for one week free. You may either return them to 1 1 s within 8 days to end the matter, or you may keep them on the very easy terms outlined 011 the form. M flT C ¦If you do nut wish to cut this caution, send a postcard (mentioning“ I rlU I E ¦ H’tis There'' Part 21), to The Warerley Book Co.. who trill be pleased to send a punted application inform its place. POST THIS AT ONCE (OR SEND A POSTCARD— tee note at left). SPECIAL FREE E X A MIN A T ION FORM. To The WAVER L E Y BOOK CO., LIMITED ,96&97, Farringdon St., LON DON, E.C.4. Please send me, on approval, carriage paid, tor seven days FREE E X A MIN A T ION, a complete set ol "THE WAVER LE Y LIBRARY EDIT ION OF THE WORKS O F ALEX ANDRE DUMAS- in twenty-five volumes, together with Gift Bookcase. It is under­stood that I may return the volumes and bookcase on the eighth day after I receive them ,and that there the matter ends. If !decide to keep them, I will forward to you the first payment of 2 6 on the eighth day after delivery, and, beginning thirty days after the first payment, twenty-five further consecutive monthly payments of 6 -each with a final one of 5/-, thus com­pleting the purchase price. CASH PRICE WITHIN 8 DAYS IS £7.10.0. Name... Address Occupation.................................................. State if Householder....... Parent's signature required if under 21....................................................... Date................ I.W .T .21 PLEASE INFILL ALL PARTICULARS ASKED. This Elegant Edition of Dumas' Brilliant Romances includes the Latest Revisions of the text as finally bypassed the immortal Author of these great stories. ALEX ANDRE DUMAS, the greatest of romancists, was probably the most remarkable literary character of the nineteenth century. His father a Creole, one of Napoleon’s generals, and his mother an innkeeper’s daughter, he himself was the offspring of romance. As a writer of historical novels Dumas is unsurpassed. He handles incidents, actions, character, and dialogue with such masterly skill that the reader, en­chanted, is swept irresistibly along. Moreover, he displays a rare wealth of historical knowledge Read in historical sequence, the various romances of Dumas form a fairly continuous history of French affairs. They are, indeed an education in French history. One of the most popular writers ol all time, Dumas' novels have been translated into every European language. Fascinating, absorbingly interesting they belong to the few of which it can be truly said that they can be read over and over again with increasing delight and never-failing appreciation. No home should be without such a source of perennial pleasure. THE TWO DIANAS THE PAGE OF THE DUKE OF SAVOY MARGUERITE DE VALOIS CHICOT THE JESTER THE FORTY-FIVE THE THREE MUSKET­EERS (Two Volumes) TWENTY YEARS AFTER (Two Volumes) THE VICOMTE DE BRAGE- THE CONSPIRATORS THE REGENT'S DAUGHTER MEMOIRS OF A PHYSI­CIAN (Tito Volumes) THE QUEEN’S NECKLACE TAKING THE BASTILLE COUNTESS DE CHARNY THE CHEVALIER DE MAISON ROUGE THE BLACK TULIP THE COUNT OF MONTE C RIS T 0(7 wo Vo!u mes) LONNE (Five Volumes, Each Novel is Complete and Unabridged
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