Memorial Register 30, WW1, The Tyne Cot Memorial, Passchendaele, Belgium, Soldiers from The United Kingdom Part III

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES BARLEY Pte. Blucher 241935. 2nd/5th Bn. Leicestershire Regt. 26th Sept. 1917 .Son of Thomas and Annie Barley o f Cobs Yard, Thorne Doncaster. BARLEY Lee. Cpl. George 3/5032. 14th Bn. Hampshire Regt. 26th Sept. 1917. BARLOW Pte. Frank 36834. 2nd/7th Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. 9th Oct. 1917 .BARLOW Pte. Fred 56101. 12th Bn. The Kings Liverpool Regt. 16th Aug. 1917 .BARLOW Rfn. George Edward 43154. 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Rifles. Killed inaction 6th Sept., 1918. Age 27. Son of George and Sarah Ann Barlow of 23 Lower Market St. Clay Cross, Derbyshire. BARLOW Pte. Howard 268795. 2nd/7th Bn. Sherwood Foresters. 26th Sept. 1917 .Age 21, Son of Walter John and Elizabeth Barlow o f 257. Broomhill Road Bulwell Nottingham. BARLOW Pte. James 3125. See “SMITH ”the true family name. BARLOW Pte. James Burham 29106.18 th Bn. The Kings Liverpool Regt. 29th April 1918. Age 22. Son o f Sarah Barlow of 36 Towson Street Everton Liverpool and the late James Barlow. BARLOW Pte. John 37886. 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. 9th Oct. 1917. BARLOW Pte. John Andrew 44058. iotli Bn. Cheshire Regt. 30th Aug. 1917 .BARLOW Gnr. John Robert 701573. “B” Bty. 330th Bdc. Royal Field Artillery nth Oct. 1917. Age 32. Son o f William and Maria Barlow husband of Lucy Barlow of 164 Incc Avenue, Anficld Liverpool. BARLOW Pte. John William 37747. 9th Bn. Kings Own Yorkshire Inf.Light formerly (37551) 18th Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers. 12th April, 1918. Age 32. Husband o f Christina Barlow, of 32 Clydesdale Road Byker Newcastle-on-Tync. BARLOW Ptc. J. 39800.“ B ”Coy. 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers. 9th Oct. 1917. Age 27. Son of Joseph and Mary Jane Barlow o f 23, Burnley Road Rawtenstall Manchester husband o f Maud Barlow. BARLOW Ptc. Leonard Arthur 65022. 13th Bn. Royal Fusiliers. 4th Oct. 19x7. Age 19. Young­est son o f M r.and Mrs. Walter George Barlow INDEX No. M .R.30 of 10 Wellfield Road Streatham London. T Y N COTE BARLOW Ptc. Orlando 302015. 2nd/8th Bn. Manchester Regt. 9th Oct. 1917 .(U K )BARLOW Pte. Robert 16846. 2nd Bn. Border Regt. 26th Oct. 1917. Age 21. Son o f Thomas William and Anne Barlow of 5 Melbourne Street Wallgate Wigan. BARLOW Lee. Cpl. Thomas 39998. 2nd Bn. South Wales Borders. 16th Aug. 1917 .Age 19. Son of Mary James Barlow o f 92 Boundary Street Hanley Staffs. BARLOW Pte. Walter 23737. 2nd Bn. King’s Own Scottish Borderers. 27th Oct. 1917. Age 25. Son o f Joseph and Hannah Barlow o f 7 Cook Street Hamer Rochdale Lancs. BARLOW Ptc. William 8192. nth Bn. Man­chester Regt. 1 6th Aug. 1917. Age 34. Husband of Margaret Barlow o f Paris Ontario Canada. BARLOW Pte. William 62875. 10th Bn. Royal Welch Fusiliers. 26th Sept. 1917. BAR LT R O P Ptc. Harold R. G/87089. 13th Bn. Middlesex Regt. 24th Aug. 1917. BARNABY Pte. Albert 8356. 13th Bn. Royal Fusiliers. 1st Oct. 1917 .Age 25. Son of Mary Barnaby of 3 1 Berrymead Gardens Acton London. BARNACLE Dvr. Charles 119035. 21st Div. Ammunition Col. Royal Field Artillery. 2nd Oct. 1917. Age 20. Son o f Frank and Esther Barnacle, of 3 Court 5 House Walsgravc Road Coventry. BARNACLE Ptc. Herbert Frederic 765103. 1st Bn. Artists Rifle Corps. 30th Oct. 1917 .Age 19. Eldest son of Jennie Barnacle of Eastwccd Road Radcliffc-on-Trcnt Nottingham, and the late Rev.A. E. Barnacle. BARNARD Ptc. Arthur Edward G/21238. 7th Bn. The Buffs. 12th Oct. 1917 .Age 24. Son o f Walter and Ellen Barnard o f 156 Shcring- ham Avenue Manor Park husband o f Ida Blanche Pinnell (formerly Barnard) o f 18 Toronto \\Avenue Manor Park Essex. BARNARD Cpl. Charles Alfred 200384. 7th 1' Bn. Cameron Highlanders. 24th Aug. 1917 .Age 28. Son o f Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Barnard o f 33 Palmerston Road Forest Gate London. 67
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