The War List of The University of Cambridge 1914-1918

6i6 Wright H.G .479 Wright LII. .116 Wright H.M .162 Wright II. T .510 Wright J. Aldren 358 Wright J .C. 346 Wright J. M.M. 2S0 Wright M. E.A. 162 Wright O. K .26 Wright P. J .26 Wright R.B. 116 Wright R.M .479 Wright T .346 Wright W.E.B. 280 Wright-Ingle C. II. 280 Wrightson GR. .479 Wrightson G.T .479 Wrightson W. I. 479 Wrigley A. 26 Wrigley C. J.O .479 Wroth C.E. 280 Wurtzburg C.E. 116 Wyatt H.E. 116 Wyatt C.'I'. 26 Wychc C.K .H. 358 Wyer F.F. 61 W y e r.J.F .W .116 Wyeth F. J. S .346 Wykeham H.P. 479 W y ld .E .J.M .190 Wylcy D. H.F. 190 Wylie A. 280 Wylie II. M .280 Wyllie A. K .162 Wyman B. 162 Wyndham .H.G 232 Wyndham J. 280 Wynn II. E. 190510 Wynne A.M .479 Wynne E. E. 72 Wynne II. F. D. 190 Wynne J. B. 479 Wynne .OR .61 Wynne-Edwards J C. 35S Wynne-Jones M. 479 Wynne-Willson S t J.B .346 B.A.Y. Wynne-Yorke 162 Wynvard Wright A.T .479 INDEX Yard e J.T .26 Yarrow F.E. 4/9 Yarrow K.G. Sio Yates II. B. 190 Yates II. G. 306 Yates J. M. St J. 480 Yeatman F. D. 61 Yeatman II. M. 280 Yeats I!. E. 162 Yeats G .F .W .346 Yeld G. G. 280 Yeld H.P. 290 Yelverton E. E. 26 Yencken F.A. 72 Ycncken E.D. 72 Y eo.H .li. 480 Y e o .K .J. 116 Yeo .F.L 480 Yeomans F.A. 162 Yerburgh E.R.R. 232 Yerburgli G.R. C. 232 Yetts ML. .280 Yolland R.H. 162 Yool G.A. 480 Yorke F. 218 Yorke G.O. 84 Youll G. B. 61 Young B. W. 26 Young C.F. 480 Young C.S. 61 Young E. Hilton 480 Young TE. .26 Young F.E. 26 Young F.F. 26 Young H.F. 480 Young P.F. 26 Young P.G. 280 Young II. A. 480 Young 11 .G.K .116 Young II. P. 116 Young H .T.L. 480 Young J.D }..280 Young G. 26 Young J.G .C. 35S Young J.V .526 Young K.R. 61 Young M.A. 218 Young M .II. 280 Young M.L. 162 Young P. C. 26 Young P.M. 61 Young R.A. 218 Young R.F. 26 Young K.R. 232 Young S. D. 26 Young LS. .0.26 Young T .480 Young V. C. 84 Young W. 232 Young A.W. 480 W. Young-IIerrics D. 510 Younger W. J. 480 Younghusband.L.N . 2S0 Yusuf Z. M .116 Zabriskie G .G. 480 Zaiman B.A. 280 Zambra N. 480 Z an .M.B .84 Ziegler G .G. 162 PRINTED IN ENGLAND BV J. D. PEACE M.A. AT THE CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS
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