Memorial Register 11, The Dunkirk Memorial 1939-1945, Part I

THE REGISTER OF THE NAMES ABBOTT Pte. a u b e r wilfred 2184786.59 Coy., Aux. Mil. Pioneer Corps. 14th August 1940. Age 31. Son of Alfred William and Sarah Abbott husband of Agnes May Abbott of Oak Hill, Stoke-on-Trent. Column 149. ABBOTT Pte. james Alfred 13005844.76 Coy., Aux. Mil. Pioneer Corps. 28th May 1940. Age 38. Son of Charles and Alice Abbott of Worling- worth Suffolk husband of Rachael Emmeline Abbott of Wetheringsett Suffolk. Column 149. ABBOTT Pte. robert nor man S/63242. 1 Base Supply Depot R.A.S.C. lost in s.s. Lancastria (Liverpool). 17th June 1940. Age 22. Column 140. ABLE Gnr. Leonard Walter 1426292.5 Bty., 2 H.A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery lost in s.s. Lancastria (Liverpool). 17th June 1940. Age 38. Son of Walter and Annie Able husband of M.Able of Lindford Hampshire. Column 10. ABLETT Pte. john Leonard 5384910. 1st Bn. The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. 27th May 1940. Age 21. Son of John and Elsie Ablett of Langley Slough, Buckinghamshire. Column 92. ABLETT Pte. ronald george victor john ,4453582. 2nd Bn. The Durham Light Infantry. 27th May 1940. Age 20. Son of William George and Margaret Ablett of West Hartlepool, Co. Durham. Column 121. ABRAHAMS Pte. george 5438562. 7th Bn. The Royal Sussex Regt. 20th May 1940. Age 28. Husband of MaryAnn Abrahams of Bethnal Green London. Column 63. ACE Spr. david r h y d ian 1982798.151 Rly. Constr. Coy. Royal Engineers. 26th May 1940. Age 39. Son of William and Mary Jane Ace husband of Anne Ace of Cwm Avon Glamorgan. Column 23. ADAIR Gnr. d . f .900198.77 Field Regt., Royal Artillery. 29th May/2nd June 1940. Age 24. Son of John and Jane Adair. Column 10. ADAMS Pte. Arthur Horace Bertram 5498256. 2nd Bn. The Hampshire Regt. 2nd June 1940. Age 22. Son of John Adams and of MaryAnn Ethel Adams of Rydcs Hill Surrey. Column 65. ADAMS Tpr. Char les william 7885158. 7th Royal Tank Regt. R.A.C. 29th May 1940. Age 23. Son of Charles William and Ellen Adams of Jarrow Co. Durham. Column 5. ADAMS L. Cpl. CHRISTOPHER clement 5946614.23 Divisional Provost Coy. Corps of Military Police. 24th May 1940. Age 35. Son of Henry and Amelia Adams husband of Mary Adams of Bedford. Column 147. ADAMS Fus. john robert 4267371. The Royal Northumberland Fusiliers attd. 4 Army Field Workshop R.A.O.C. 29th May 1940. Age 28. Son of William and Emmeline Maud Adams of North Ormcsby Middlesborough, Yorkshire. Column 39. ADAMS Pte. robert 2819025. 2nd Bn. The Seaforth Highlanders. 12th June 1940. Age 31. Column 124. ADAMSON Gdsmn. gerard 2658531. 1st Bn. Coldstream Guards. 31st May 1940. Age 20. Son of John William Adamson and of Ellen Simpson Adamson of Nelson Lancashire. Column 33. ADDISON Pte. Stanley tho mas 6209787.1 /7th Bn. The Middlesex Regt. 30th May 1940. Age 21. Column 116. ADYE Maj. arthur francis cape l 39239.149 (The Lancashire Hussars) Regt. Royal Horse Artillery. 31st May 1940. Age 31. Son of Frederick Robert and Rosalind Jane Adye hus­band of Hilda Marjorie Adyc of Underbarrow, Westmorland. A.M.I.E.E. Column 1. AGUTTER W.O. III. (P.S.M.) Char les edward ,5100144. 2nd Bn. The Royal Warwickshire Regt. 27th May 1940. Age 39. Son of John Joseph and Elizabeth Agutter husband of Irene Agutter, of Chapel Hill Lincolnshire. Column 40.1
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