The Listener, 8th June 1939

1240 THE LISTENER 8 ju n e 1939 PREPAID CLASSIFIED ADVERTISEMENTS Small advertisements for T HE L i s t e n e r are inserted in the nearest issue after the receipt of order, and cannot be accepted for any specific date. The cost for. a single insertion is 2s. 6d. per line (average 7 words), with a minimum of 3 lines. Box number 6d. extra. Series Discounts 5% on 13 insertions, 10% on 26 insertions, 20% on 52 insertions. ff/J// small advertisements should be accompanied by a remittance, and the fu ll name and address of the advertiser clearly uiritteti, and must reach the office not later than Thursday of the tveek prior to publication. Voucher copies are supplied for announcements of 10 lines or over. f,ln the case of box numbers readers should reply to the box number mentioned in the advertisement, cjo the Advertisement Director, T h e L i s t e n e r , 35 Marylebone High Street, IP'. 1. T h e 1‘r o p r ic to ts c a n n o t ta k e tlic r e s p o n s ib ility f o r cle rica l o r i> rinters' e r ro r s iit c la ssifie d a d v e r tis e m e n ts , a lth o u g h e v e r y c a re is ta k e n to a v o id m is ta k e s . B O O K S, Etc. HOLIDAY PLANS If you tell us w here you are going, we can suggest the most useful M aps, G uides and Books. J. & E . BUMPUS LTD. Booksellers since 1790 477 OXFORD STREET, W.l C A R EER S J OURNAL O F CAREERS.—A guide to openings for boys and girls. Authoritative articles by leading men and wom en; scholarship h ew sv acan cies;' etc. is. monthly; 10s. 6d. p.a.—'61 Conduit Street, W .l. C IN EM A S A c a d e m y , Ger. 2981.— ‘ j ’e t a i s u n e a v e n t - URIGRE ’ (A) (I was an Adventures's). * M arch of T im e ’ (U) and L.C.C.’s ‘ T he Londoners ’• (U). D E R K EL EY C IN E M A ' .Berkeley St... May Ssos^ L> RAIM U in • LA FE M M E D U B O U L A N G E R ’ (A). Piquant humour in Pagnol’s brilliant satire. A D U LTS ONLY. - ... : - • - ED U CA TIO N A L F IF T IE T H A N N U AL ISSUE. _ PU B LIC AND PREPARATORY SCHOOLS YEAR BOOK. Official details'of Public and Preparatory Schools, Careers, Professions, etc. 10s. 6d., from all Booksellers or D e a n e ’s , 31 Museum Street, London, W .C .i. • ... * / . . . - . i— p I T Y OF LO N D O N C O LLEG E, Ropemaker Street, ^ London, E.C. 2. (Telephone: M ETropolitan 2433/34-) Patron,H .M . TheKin'g. Intensive six months’ training for women of gopd education .who wish to qualify as private secretaries. Fee— thirty' guineas. B RANKSOM E.—Hilders, Haslcmere, Surrey, Boys Prep. School. Health,-Happiness and Efficiency in perfect surroundings. Prospectus D on request.' • - L E M A N I A COLLEGE, LAUSANNE (Switzerland). E D U C A TIO N A L COURSE. Boys, ages 14-22. Combining advantages of English- Svviss education, all examinations to University Entrance. Commercial Course. M odern Languages. Summ er and W inter Sports. Fees moderate. FREN CH H O LID A Y COURSES. Boys 14-22. French Diploma granted. All Sports facilities, including Swimming, Tennis, Rowing, etc. M oderate fees. Ask for full and immediate information by post or interview.— C o o k ’s S c h o l a s t i c S e r v ic e , Berkeley Street, London, W .l. ¦ . ; , LITER A RY TAINA FREE LE N D IN G • LIBRARY.— Subjects : J Jainism, Comparative Religion, Yoga, Higher Psychology.— Write S e c ., i i o Cleveland Gdns., N.W .2. \ X /R IT E FOR PR O FIT .— Make a’ s\cond income ' in spare time. Send for free booklet.— R e g e n t I n s t i t u t e (Dept. 4J), Palace'G ate.’London, Yv.S. TXT H A T I S H A PPEN IN G . IN CH IN A ? W rite for ' » specimen copy of bulletin.— E a s t A s ia N e w s S e r v ic e , 7 Victoria Street, London, S.W.i'. ‘ T N FO R M A T IO N ’, the political weekly, keeps you ¦ * - informed on current events. W rite for specimen copy to ‘ Inform ation’, 58-60' Victoria Street, S.W. 1. F OYLE’S LITERA RY AGENCY, Novels, Articles’ Short Stories, etc., invited.— 125 Charing Cross Road, London, W .C .I. Gerrard 5660. A IR TRAVEL T RAVEL by N o r t h E a s t e r n A ir w a y s . Daily Services between Scotland-London and the Belgian Coast— Book through Agents or Croydon 5158. ST A M P A U C TIO N H ARM ER’S of BOND STREET, premier philatelic auctioneers, will be pleased to forward auction catalogues to philatelists wishing to buy through the most reasonable medium, auction.—II. R. H a r m e r , 131— 137 New Bond Street, W .i. Mayfair 0218. B.B.C. A P P O IN T M E N T B R IT IS H BROADCASTING CORPORATION. Applications are invited lor the post of PRESS O FFICE R in the North Region. Experience of daily newspaper work in the North country is essential. In'selecting candidates and fixing salaries the Corpora­ tion takes age and experience into account. T he starting salary will be between £400 and £ 600. It will rise, subject to'satisfactory service, by annual increments of £ 40.10 a maximum of £ 800. . Applications giving details of age, experience and qualifications and stating present salary should be with the General Establishment Officer, Broadcasting House, London, W .i, not later than June 15, 1939. Mark appli­ cations and covering envelopes ‘ Press O fficer’. M arried women are not normally eligible for appoint­ ment to ~B.B'.C. staff. Candidates requiring acknowledgment and notifica­ tion of the result of their applications must enclose two stamped and addressed envelopes. M ISCELLA N EO U S S A M P L E E N L A R G E M E N T F R E E 7 in. x s in. on finest Royal Bromide. Send your negative with 1 Jd. for postage.— S h a w y e r ; Swindon, Wilts. A N T IQ U E S from old SO U TH WALES.—Old Oak Furniture, Pewter, Bygones, etc. L is ts free.— J. K y r l e F l e t c h e r , L t d ., The Bridge, Newport. Mon. D A M P N E S S CAN ONLY BE CURED by evacuating the moisture from the walls. This is accomplished by the Knapen Patent Systems.— B r i t i s h K N A rE N L t d ., Stone Grove Manor, Canons Park. Edgware, London. (EDGware 09S7). Television programmes in com prehensil e detail \ } j \ . ivith full particulars of performers and special pictures, are published every Friday in RADIO TIM ES Price 2d. at new sagents and bookstalls PIA N O S B L U T H N E R & CO. L T D . have a few second-hand pianos, reconditioned as new, for Sale at reduced prices. Deferred payments over three years.—Apply to 17-23 Wigmore Street, W .i. ’Phone LANgham 1423- SPECIAL PIANO BARGAINS A few exclusive models of the SUPERB GROTRIAN - STEINWEG PIANOS, from short hire—GREATLY REDUCED. Also REMARKABLE BARGAINS in SECOND­ HAND pianos by BLUTHNER, BECHSTEIN, STEINWAY, and other leading makers, taken in part exchange and thoroughly reconditioned. Cash or easy payments.— C all o r u r it o f o r lis t. GROTRIAN-STEINWEG Ltd., GROTRIAN PIANO GALLERIES. 62 Conduit St.. Regent St.. W .l. ’Phone: REGcnt 0182. HOLIDAYS ‘ THE PORT BREDY OF W E S S E X ’ SOM E A CCO U N T O F T H E H IST O RY AND CHARM S OF BRIDPORT & SU R R O U N D IN G S— FU L L Y IL LU ST RA T ED & M APS. M U N IC IPA L C A M PIN G G R O U N D NEAR SEA. W rite.for copy to the T o w n C l e r k , Bridport. FINLAND FOR HOLIDAYS 11 DAYS FOR £10 Inch sea voyage from England. PEACEFUL. CHEAP, UNIQUE.. Write lor ijlus. Umulhook " X." FINNISH TRAVEL BUREAU, 1 Victoria St.., London, S.W .I. AJlBty 5300. T SLE O F W IG H T , Country House, H . & C., electric light, indoor sanitation, 23 acres, own sea shore, safe bathing, tennis, sunbathing enclosures.— Write L i s t e n e r , Woodside, Wootton, I.O.W . PH ILA TEL Y S TA M PS.—We can supply most collectors’ require­ ments at reasonable prices, 100-page list gratis.— B r id g e r & K a y , L td ., 8 6 Strand, London, W .C.2. 'T H E . best Guide to Stamp Values is the : J - ‘PHILATELIC MAGAZINE’ , 3d. any bookstall or 4d. p.f. from 112 Strand, W.C.2. PER SO N A L HELP! QUEEN M ARY’S H O SPIT A L , ST R A T FO R D , £ .15. M AJOR RAPHAEL JACK SO N , SECRETARY. TOC.K said ‘ T O M L O N G ’S the smoke for me J In any given quantity ’. WHY NOT TRY VEGETARIANISM? T H E S C IE N T IF IC AND H U M A N E D IE T . Free Literature, including Recipes,-from Tint V e g e ­ t a r ia n S o c i e t y , 57 Princess Street, Manchester, 2. Q U A K ERISM .— Information and literature respect- ^ ing the' Faith and Practice of the Religious Society oV~Friends, free on application to the F r ie n d s H o m e S e r v ic e C o m m i t t e e , Friends House, Euston Road, London^ N .W .I.. . SPE C IA L ISE D T R A IN IN G XX/’OLSEY H A LL, Oxford (founded in 1894) pro- V > vides individual postal tuition for Matriculation (2,519 successes at London M atric., 1925- 38); Degrees, Oxf. and Camb. Locals, Profess.'Extrance, Teachers, and Theological Exam., also courses in single subjects. Staff comprises over 50 Graduates.—Prospectus (men­ tion exam, or subject) post "free from . D i r e c t o r o f STUDIES; D e p t . FE 90I, W O LSEY H A L L , OXFORD. H OLY ORDERS (Anglican Overseas), Inexpensive Preparation ; 233 Ordained.— W a r d e n , Brother­ hood of St. Paul, Little BardfieJd, Braintree, Essex. OPAN1SH DANCING O Makes you-bright, healthy and supple. As taught by ’ M A RiQ U iTA (from M adrid).— 125 • Holland Road, W .14. Park 5788. Please mention ‘The Listener’ when replying to advertisements Printed in England by W. Speaight & Sons, Ltd., 98-99, F etter Lane, E.C.4, an d Published b y the British Broadcasting Corporation, 35, Marylebone High Street, London, W .l, England.—All E ditorial com m unications to The E ditor, T h e L i s t e n e r , Broadcasting House, London, W .l.— S June, 1939
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