The Listener, 8th June 1939

1186 THE LISTENER 8 june' 1939 -v cT THe voice^ A kid ship The World Missionary Council at I am baram at which 69 different countries were represented called upon Christian people everywhere to return to the Bible. “If the Church is to repossess its faith in all its uniqueness and adequacy and power, one indispensable thing demanding special emphasis today is the continuous nourish--ing of its life upon the fiihle. We are hold therefore to summon all Christians to a deeper and more consistent study of the Iiible instructor and sustainer of the Christian faith through the ages The British and Foreign Bible Society sends the Word of God across the world and makes it available to everyman in his own longue. BRITISH &FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY 146 Queen Victoria Street London E.C.4. MAKE YOUR OWN NOTES OF RADIO TALKS is particularly well ad a p toted enable you to do this without conscious effort. A few h o u rs' interesting and easy study and you can write 100 words a minute with the letters you have used since childhood. Invaluable for notes of lectures discussions meetings, reading etc. Notes are always accurate and can be read with ease even years after they have been made. SPEED WRITING is the must quickly learnt shorthand fur ommercial purposes. Booklet free without obligation. SPEED WRETI NG LTD. Dept. A.19. 51 Tothill Street London S.W.1. No. 1 on Sale June 9lli. Over 40 articles of essentially British and Empire interest by such authors as: SIR HUGH LAW POLE .THO MAS BURKE ,HAVE LOCK ELLIS STEP HEN L E A COCK .COMP TON MACKENZIE IV O R NOV ELL O ,Silt MAX P EMBER TON ALEC WAUGH ,R.M .LOCK L .YE M c KEN Z I E PORTER .GUY NICK ALL FRANKS BAKER c t c .Many pages of interesting and amusing snippets. Sold by sill Booksellers and Newsagents. ORDER YOUR COPY. Published monthly by .MHLI.IFONT IRFSS LTD .38 F urnival S lreel. London E.C. l .THE DALMATIAN COAST AND YUGOSLAVIA For an ideal holiday visit this paradise that only a few have discovered. Independent itineraries arranged for as little as 14. Regular escorted tours from 2 3 GUINEAS. NO NIGHT TRAVEL NEXT DEPARTURE JUNE 24th. Illustrated leaflets programmes and full information can be obtained from— THE OFFICIAL TOURIST OFFICE OF YUGOSLAVIA 2 5 COCKSPUR STREET LONDON S.W .1 W HUeitaU 2094. KEEP YOUR FEET FIT! For LonRer Wear and Greater Comfort. Puritan Tanneries Ltd. Runcorn. iTo- K t u ito\ I tM fa+ ^cruA ,IT u r u X k . 1 I v o s e K O L NOSY I twee a ctaq- I KOLYNOS CREAM METROPOLITAN It gives full particulars of the College convenient postal coaching service. Send a postcard To-day. LONDON —MANCHESTER— ST. ALBANS Please address communications to the Secretary (A5/V). Metropolitan College St. Albans. as-S Forthcoming Civil Service Exams. and how best to prepare for them. Write to-day _ for a copy of the Metropolitan College authoritative 56-pp. Civil Service Guide ”offered free.
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