Revolt In The Desert

INDEX Vickery Major 66 Wade Lieutenant 315 Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Wad Ais 63 Aish 109 Bair 227343 Butum 256 Dawasir 93 Diraa 105 n o Dhuleil 253 el Jinz 303306 Fura 22 Ghadaf 256338 Hafira 215 Hamdh 7578 Hesa 272 Itm see I tin Jizil 103 Khalid 213232234 Mared 2 8 M essarih 5764 Musa 176 Rumm 206 Safra 293051 Sirhan 121355357 Yenbo 5058 Wasta (place) 30 Waterfall of Tell el Shehab 240,376 Wejh (a port above Yenbo) 6379829317°. Wemyss Admiral Sir Rosslyn 46,82166170 Wilson Colonel CE. 11,38,63,95 I7 134-8 Wingate General Sir Reginald 35,468292171 Winterton Lord 351-2385389395400 Wodheiha (a camel) 287 Wood Captain 212214241 Wright General H.H.B. 178 Wuld Ali (clan) 420 Xenophon 303 Yarmuk Bridge 221240 Yarmuk Valley 210259355369 Yells Sergeant (‘Lewis) 180-207 Yenbo 2638454857637391 Young (Colonel CE. Wilson’s assistant) 15 Young Major 317321327334344346356365 37h _ 373380394400406434 Yusuf Sheikh 70 Zaagi The 264303329338410 Zaal Sheikh 92124150174,188196220320407 Zebn (clan) 224317354 Zeid Emir {also Zaid) 375258,270272307322345364 Zeitun (place) 180 Zeki Bey 98121 Zelcbani (clan) 187 Ziza (place) 228 Zuweida (clan) 187 PRINTED IN CHEAT BRITAIN BY BUTLER &TANNER LTD FROMB AND LONDON
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