Revolt In The Desert

INDEX Shtar Nagb (pass)el 141156286 Shobek 146269284293354 Showakh 216 Shukri Pasha el Ayubi 425427,429430-1 _ Siddons Captain 330334 Sinai 268 Sinai police 163 Sirhan (valley) 86120131 Sirhan snakes 131 Sirhan water 121 Smith Sir Ross A.F.C. 394396 Smuts General 323 Snagge Captain R.N. 179 Soldiers Professional 422 Somali Camels 338 Sottam Sheikh 330 Stent Captain 177 Stirling Colonel 3273293473563654°°49426434 ‘Stokes 180-207 Storrs Sir Ronald 1281318 Stotzingen 73 Subh Jebel (hills) 27 Sudan 35 Suez 14162164259317 Sukhur (see Beni Sakhr) Suleiman 91 Sultan el Atrash (Druse) 428 Sultan Sheikh 331 Sultani Road 15 Sunni (sect) 172 Suva H.M.S. 6266 Sykes Sir Mark 12259 Tafas 20 Tafas (village) 408-12 Tafileh (place) 141260267270,272351364 Taif (place) 12-18 Taiyibc (place) 384388 Talal (also Tallal) el Hareidhin, Sheikh 209327355357372,383395402404407-12414 Tare if (hills) 22 Tebuk (place) 8485 Tehama (district) 2 0 Tekrit (place) 35 Telesio 258 Tell Arar see Arar Tell Shahm see Shahm Tell el Shehab (place) 231234243372375416 Themed (place) 163304317 Thlaithakhwat (also Thlaithukh- wat) (hills) 227256335,343 Thorne Trooper 214 Togatga (clan) 187 Toweiha (plural of Tayi Auda’s clan) 93220 Trad Sheikh 331357365413 Traill Lieutenant A.F.C. 396 ‘Tulips 367 Tul Keram 392 Turki 227 Turkish Fourth Army 380402,408422 Turkish Seventh Army 408 Turra (place) 240 Uheida 307322 Ula (place) 211 Um el Jemal (ruin) 246359 Um el Surab (ruin) 359388394397401 Um Keis (place) 212234 Um Lejj (place) 66 Umtaiye 354357359360380394400 ‘Urens (=Lawrence) 429 44s
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