The Third Year of War in Pictures

/ NARVIK CITY fcE N l.M G .sTAR V A t.-CSp t-'he specvfizg mowpj of the Britfe-. bomber foicJ. a the IisrsM of wlt&i Germany v«3i receive y ci by city from now oaf?.«¦ n Gorm cities, harbours and centres of jvax pro­duction will be subjected to an ordeal the like of which has never been experienced by ar.y country :¦«continuity severity '‘or magnitude.? Sxiruci from Prime M ini.xcrs xpccchrs of 1 anil 2 Jun t 1942. BRITISH iSLF:3 •., KOi.l'J'S. *¦«*»)*:^ ffiREMEH hiST S T T-. rg ROAM vV ^mam w ej^u: BE.I1.UN V \O V -'.-«-MAw ag^'R C ®^GE RJM ANY &'"G..^k a.SS .IR A?!V. ..rN i-H A C it'S k'C fiO Q i vAji\A. cU G BI?G a im&bbi y'sfflrtzsni .HUNGARY r^y /^SEUGftA® X J'G G SLAV IA >».'.SARAJEVO (ODES S A 1 MILAN at'RDF./. uni RUMANIAn CUB H A REST SEVASTO PO:SE M O A MAISSiU CORSICA nap u e s SARDINIA I”§f :Printed by Odhams ( Wat for.!) Ltd. Watford. S. 143
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