Rank and Badges in The Navy, Army, R.A.F. and Auxiliaries

i i i R.N.R. R.N.V.R. &R.M. ROYAL NAVAL RESERVE LIEUTENANT 1 PAYMASTER- LIEUTENANT ROYAL NAVAL VOLUNTEER RESERVES iSL LIEUTENANT I SURGEON- LIEUTENANT rj MIDSHIPMAN CAP BADGE FIELD OFFICER OTHER OFFICERS «¦RM COLONEL LIEUT.- 2'vC0MMAN0ANf COLONEL B M MAJOR CAPTAIN LIEUTENANT SECOND .LIEUTENANT hoi Cuo and Undue ns 1or ftoya' Savy Thf highest rankin (he R.N hi. and R.N. V.R. is Con\nnni » . 'Jmt Clans 1 The h a lf-strip e a i ieotrnani-Conintander is o straiuht void//?. ond in /i.r• nf P uunm strt U ru ten a a (Commander has a n urn u v white edging
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