Rank and Badges in The Navy, Army, R.A.F. and Auxiliaries

32 NATIONAL FIRE SERVICE CAP BADGE CHIEF REGIONAL OFFICER FIRE FORCE COMMANDER ASSIST ANT FIRE FORCE MOO N A NOE R DIVISIONAL OFFICER OOLIUM OFFICER SENIOR COMP ANY OFFICER COMP ANY OFFICER 8EGT10N LEADER L E A DING FIRE MAN CIVIL D E FENCE GENERALS E R VICES qE.SCU^' r CD BREA8T BAD6E SHOULDER TITLE FOR C.D. RESCUE 8ERVICE Similar title are issued for the following Services:— A local marking (e.g. the name o f the town) in gild oof our can bo worn below the breast badge i f desired by the local authority. "Decontamination "Messenger "Warden H 1 4 Ambulance "“First Aid Post" n First Aid Party "(in London/‘Stretcher Party”) Identification Service) "Report and Control lO/”"G fGas HEAD WARDEN (IN LON DON P08T WARDEN )Chevrons two or more in number worn above the elbow are issued to- all junior supervisory grades sometimes popularly described as M.C.O.'s CONTROLLER SJmilar bars worn below shoulder titles and varying in number and thickness are worn by all Senior Officers. C D .Steel Helmets.— The helmets o f both junior and senior supervisory officers are painted white with the exception of those worn by Qas Identification Officers which are yellow. add
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