Memorial Register, Portsmouth, Part Five O - Z, 1916

MEMORIAL AT THE PORT OF PORTSMOUTH INDEX NUMBER M.R. 3. PART FIVE .1916. THIS Register records the names o f those Officers and oMen f the Navies ol the Commonwealth who fell in 1916 who have no other grave than the Sea. and who are commemorated on the Memorial on the edge o f Southsea Common. The names o f those who fell in the other years o f the Great War arc recorded in other Registers and the origin and design o f the Naval Memorials arc described in a separate book but the following summary o f the Naval actions o f the year 1916 particularly as they aflected the Porto f Portsmouth is material to this Register. The important features of the year 1916 from the point of view of Naval history are the British blockade of Germany the German extended submarine campaign with its result of increasing friction with the neutral Powers the activity of isolated German raiders and the Battle of Jutland. It will be convenient to deal first with the minor incidents of the year then with the British blockade and the activities of German submarines and surface commerce raiders and lastly with the only considerable action fought by the German Fleet. 1. Naval engagements and incidents (excluding the Battle of Jutland). On the 6th January the battleship “King Edward VII ”was sunk by amine off the North of Scotland. The whole of the crew was saved by destroyers. The evacuation of the Gallipoli Peninsula was completed with one accidental casualty between the 7th and the morning of the 9th January. On the 9th February the German gunboat“ Hedwig von Wissmann ”was sunk on Lake Tanganyika by H .M.S. “Mimi ”and“ Fifi ”(“ Kingani ”renamed) and the British command of the lake was secured shortly afterwards by the scutding of the“ Graf von Gotzen.” On the nth February the light cruiser“ Arethusa ”was sunk by mine in the North Sea with the loss of twelve lives. On the 29th February the armed merchant cruisers“ Alcantara” and“ Greif” met and fought East o f the Shetlands. Both were sunk but the whole o f the surviving British crew and two-thirds o f the German were saved. On the 29th also the British blockade of the Cameroons (which had been cleared by the Allied forces during the month) was raised. 3-1¦:
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