Memorial Register, Iraq, The War Graves of The British Empire, Baghdad (North Gate) War Cemetery (Part One A-L), Baghdad East Jewish Cemetery

SM YRNA (CARAVAN BRIDGE) AN G LICAN and ROMAN CATH O LIC CEM ETERIES : 22 graves found. TA RSU S ARM ENIAN C E M E T E R Y : 134 graves found. YARBASH I PRISO NERS OF WAR CEM ETERY : 145 graves found. In BAGHDAD EA ST JEW ISH CEM ETERY, within the city bund on the East side, are buried two soldiers from the United Kingdom and one German s o l d i e r . ______________________ There are also in or near Baghdad : ALW IYA IND IAN C EM ETERY and BAGHDAD (RIG H T BANK) INDIAN CEM ETERY, the Registers of which will be published separately, and BAGHDAD (SOUTH GATE) GERM AN CEM ETERY, behind the old German Consulate. T H E REGISTERS OF TH E G R A V ES BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEM ETERY. ABBISS, Lt. John Lee. 1st Bn. East Surrey Regt. attd. 7th Light Armoured Bty. Machine Gun Corps (Motor). Died of sickness 25th July, 1918. Age 21. Son of Frederick George and Helen Abbiss, of 42, Elwyn Rd., March, Cambs. Born at Lewisham, London. X I. E. 11. ABBOTT, A .B .R .F . V.J/31489. R.N. H.M.S. “ Centaur.” Died of typhoid 18th July, 1919. Age 21. Son of John and Clara Abbott, of 56, Downcnd Rd., Horfield, Bristol. X X L S. 4. ABBOTT, Pte. S., 25566. ist/4th Bn. Somerset Light Inf. 1 6th Oct., 1918. X III. C. 10. ABEL, Gnr. A., W/2945. 14th Bty. 4th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. 19th July, 1917. Age 33. Son of George and Sarah Abel. Born at Hereford. XV. B. ix. ADAIR, Rfn. W., 25927. 2nd Bn. Royal Irish Rifles. 21st Aug... 1920. Age 19. Son of Benjamin and Mary Adair, of Drumnanaddy, Blackskull, Dromoie, Co. Down. IX. F. 5. ADAM, 2nd Lt. R. W., M.C. 13th Bty. 56th Bdc. Royal Field Artillery, nth Sept., 1917. Age 27. Son of the late William Adam and Martha Adam, of Lyndholm, Kidderminster. Born at Kidderminster. IX. E. 4. ADAMS, A.M. Francis Luke, 44. Australian Flying Corps. Died of malaria whilst a Prisoner of War between Aug. and Nov.. 1916. Age 23. Son of Francis Luke Adams and Ellen Fanny Adams, of 105, Simeon St., Addington, New Zealand. Born at Christchurch. X X L W. 8. ADAMS, Lt. F., M.C. 45th Rattray’s Sikhs. 29th Nov., 1920. Age 28. Son of Robert and Mary Adams, of Red House, Needham, Harleston, Norfolk. IX. F. 6. ADAMS, Pte. G., 200879. ist/4th Bn. Norfolk Regt. 26th Feb., 1918. X X L U. 8. ADAMS, Dvr. John George, 151163. “ C ” Bty. 337th Bde. Royal Field Artillery. Accidentally killed 9th May, 19x9. Age 33. Son of John and Sarah Adams ; husband of Alice Eliza Adams, of 74, Dukes Rd., St. Denys, Southampton. Born at Woolston, Southampton. IX. A. 5. ADAMS, Gnr. W. C., 43191. 14th Div. H.Q. Royal Field Artillery. 12th July, 19x7. IV. L. 7. ADAMSON, Pte. F., 3/34565. 8th Bn. Cheshire Regt. 14th Oct., 1917. XVI. E. 11. INDEX No. ’Iraq 8 BAGHDAD (NORTH GATE) WAR CEM. (PART I) 7
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