Memorial Register, Canada 121-192, The War Dead of The Commonwealth 1914-1918, Cemeteries in the Province of British Columbia

KANO AG K(OAN FEE E RANCH )FAMILY GRAVE. O EEK F E Pte. Francis J. 687659. 172nd Bn. Canadian Inf. Died of pneumonia 21st March 1916. Age 33. Son of Cornelius O Keefe of Okanagan British Columbia. PENTICTON (LAKEVIEW) CEMETERY. TAYLOR Spr. Pert. G. 2140562. Canadian Taylor of Okanagan Falls British Columbia. Grave 31. SUMMERLAND (ST. STEPHENS) ANGLICAN CEMETERY. FOREMAN Spr. Richard 506727. Canadian Engineers. Died of bronchitis 28th Jan. 1918. Age 58. Son of the late Richard and Hannah Foreman husband of Emma Foreman of 94, Gilbert St. Halifax England. R.3. B.2. L.3. VERNON CEMETERY on Pleasant Valley Road, contains ten British War Graves and the scattered graves of seven Austrian interned civilians. One of the four main internment camps in Canada was at Vernon. A D R IAN Pte. Philip 1667. 30th Regt. (British Columbia Horse). Died of apoplexy 15th Oct. 1917. B.52. L E N NAN Pte. Thomas 02. 6th Regt. Canadian Militia. Died of heart failure 22nd Oct. 1916. Age 55. L.3. B.53. C L IF TON Pte. Frederick N. 62nd B11. Canadian Inf. Drowned nth July 1915. Husband of Agnes Shanks (formerly Clifton). L.14. B.23. FOSTER C.S.M .Jesse 463066. 62nd Bn. Canadian Inf. Died of pneumonia 6th Oct., 1915. L .12. B.23. WOG ER Ptc. John 16312. 7U1 Bn. (British Columbia Regt.). Died of sickness 19th Dec. 1919. Age 33. Son of Isabella Gower of 8 Beatrice St. Burnley England and the late B.72. L.2. 102nd (British Columbia Regt.). Died of phthisis 15th April 1918. Age 34. Son of Agnes Carr (formerly Kennedy) of Vernon, and the late Donald Kennedy husband of Ellen Hawthorn Kennedy of 2315 Wellington Avenue South Vancouver. L .5. B.62. LES LIE Serjt. Charles E .463640. 29th Bn. (British Columbia RegL). Died of sickness 31st Aug. 1915. Age 36. Son of the late John and Elizabeth Leslie of Manningham Lane Bradford England husband of Alice Leslie of 18 Arthur Place Belle Isle Rd., Hunslet Carr Leeds England. L .13. B.23. MOORE Pte. William R .703619. 102nd Bn. (2nd Central Ontario Regt.). Died of cerebral h.-emorrhage 8th March 1916. Age 47. Son of the late Charles and Harriet Moore of Cavan Ireland husband of L.A. Moore of Vancouver. L .io. B.66. SMITH Pte. John Den 1725. 30th Regt. (British Columbia Horse). Died of apoplexy 26th Aug. 1917. Son of John and Kate Smith, of Dublin Ireland husband of D. W . Magee (formerly Smith) of Vernon British Columbia. L .13. B.42. WARREN Tpr. Thomas 1557. 30th Regt. (British Columbia Horse). Died of paralysis 27th Nov. 1917. B.53. L .ll. Engineers. Died of influenza 19th Nov. 1918. Age Alfred Gower. 28. Son of Gilbert and Elizabeth Taylor of KENNEDY Serjt. Lome L .760398. Penticton British Columbia husband of Beatrice Bn. 8 Reprinted. b they Commonwealth War Graves Com mission Maidenhead 1985
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